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  • Mr. Keating dealing with Todd's insecurity. First, Keating pushes the kid to let out a barbaric "Yawp!" and has him turn in place imagining images and action until he find himself spontaneously creating a terrific poem on the spot as he is swept along by his creative spirit, stunning his class and himself. Especially when Keating leans in close and says "Don't you forget this."
  • The iconic final scene, where most of the boys literally jump on desks declaring "Oh captain, my captain!" in defiance to the school's tyranny.
    • Todd being the one to instigate it all. Todd who started out as an insecure Shrinking Violet, terrified to speak even in small groups and outright told Neil he wasn't someone people listened to. The same boy ends standing up to Nolan in front of the entire class, inspiring the other boys to follow him.
    • Knox should get a special mention since he was the first to do so after Todd. He could have easily left Todd to stand alone and suffer from Nolan's wrath by himself, but instead decided to stand alongside him in support of both him and Keating, spurring the other students to do the same.
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    • Hopkins joining the desk-standers - he'd been the most resistant in the class all along, but when push came to shove
    • Robin William's final line - "Thank you, boys."
  • The "unmanned flying desk set" scene goes from a tear-jerking scene, with Todd looking like he's about to cry, telling Neil it's his birthday and his parents sent him the same thing they did the previous year, to at once funny, heartwarming and awesome as Neil points out that the shape is very aerodynamic, and they throw it off the top of the school. Especially Neil's follow-up comment: "Don't worry. You'll get another one next year."
  • "Damn it Neil. The name's Nuwanda." Proving that despite his recklessness and frequent arrogance, Charlie is actually very loyal to his friends and isn't about to rat them out to save his reputation.
  • Charlie gets another one when he punches Cameron, who had turned on both the society and Mr Keating in order to stay on the school's good side and save himself. Despite the subsequent reminder that doing so probably destroyed all Charlie's chances of not getting expelled, it was still incredibly satisfying.
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  • One combined with Scenery Porn, when a cheerful Knox rides down a grassy slope around the school on his bike, making a huge flock of geese soar above the nearby lake.


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