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  • This exchange between Samael, War and the Watcher. The background music and accompanying dialogue delivery between Vernon Wells, Liam O'Brien and Mark Hamill make this my favourite cut-scene in the first game by far.
    Samael: The Griever moves in tunnels beneath this place, but first - there is an... Obstacle. That must be removed. Ulthane. One of the Old Ones.
    War: You didn't mention that before...
    The Watcher: Changing the deal already, Samael?!
    Samael: Be silent, filth! (Bitchslaps the Watcher across the platform.) My business is with the Horseman. Ulthane is no ally of the Destroyer - but you won't find the Griever without confronting the Black Hammer. And that will require strength you don't possess... Heh. Yet. (Telekinetic manipulation on the Watcher.)
    The Watcher: What - the - hell do you think you're doing, Samael?
    Samael: Tell him, Watcher. How you stifle the Horseman's true power in order to keep him on the Council's leash. War! Destroy this parasite...
    The Watcher: You so much as blink at me! And the Council will end you! Both of you! I'm protected!
    Samael: Not - in here. (Turns to the youngest Nephilim.) You are War! Rider of the Red Horse! Not some puppet! On this pathetic creature's strings...!
    The Watcher: War!! I will make you suffer!!!
    Samael: Focus your anger, a great rage stirs within you. Clawing to get out. You must release it! Or a prisoner, you will remain...
    War: RAH!!!! (Eyes glowing with power he punches the Watcher into the dust with his massive robot hand and unlocks his super mode.)
    Samael: You are reborn! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!
  • You defeat Straga, the demon who 'killed' War in the opening sequence by using a Portal gun-like device to teleport inside his skull, and cut it up from the inside out.
    • Also, before their battle, War simply but effectively shutting down Straga's posturing.
    War: And the last. Your master chose poorly.
    • War killing any of the Chosen is awesome:
      • Tiamat: War rips her wings off (this on top of the fact that in the fight itself, one of the quick time events has him punch her across the platform) before tearing her heart out.
      • The Griever: He beats it senseless with a train car before finishing it off.
      • The Stygian: He jumps down its throat and cuts it open from the inside.
  • When Uriel and her soldiers interrupt the fight between War and Ulthane, Ulthane literally Drops His Friggen' Huge Hammer onto an angel. And then:
    Ulthane: Yer justice can wait until we finish our little scrap, missy. Yew got no right in stickin' yer head into a fight what don't concern yew. Now fly away pigeons, a'fore I pluck ya!
    Angel: (tries to pick up the hammer) Blasphemer, it is you... who takes sides... in a battle.. that doesn't... concern you.
    Ulthane: Bwahaha! Please... allow me! (picks up the hammer and smashes the angel with it, one handed) That's what yew get fer touchin' what ain't yerz. I'd duck if I was yew.
  • Wicked K gets one whenever you try to use the Mercy on him, he deflects each individual bullet with his tiny wooden cane.
    • Not to detract from Wicked K's awesome moment, but he doesn't deflect them all. The easiest way to kill him is by firing nonstop at him with Mercy while circling till he dies. Or, y'know. About four hits with Chaos Form.
  • The last words between Abaddon and War before the final battle atop the Black Tower.
    Abaddon: Would you serve in Heaven? Or rule! In Hell?!
    War: ... I chose what once - a coward, did not.
  • Uriel impaling War with Armageddon Blade, thus fulfilling her death oath.
    Uriel: Nex Sacramentum.
  • And shortly after the above, the other three Horsemen falling to Earth as meteors.
    Uriel: You would wage this war alone?
    War: No. Not alone.
  • The fight with Silithia. Using the Abyssal Chain while she teleports make it into a hectic, fast paced fight against the Giant Spider Chosen.
  • Ulthane proves himself a badass by not being intimidated by a Horseman, whom the rest of creation is terrified of; going so far as to put his forehead against War's cocked Mercy.
    Ulthane: Du aye luck like I'm afraid o' death, boi?
    • Which is followed by an equally badass response from War:
    War: It's not 'Death' you should fear.
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  • Minor one, but the angelic beast War rode getting into a fight with Tiamat is pretty impressive. It's obvious to the player that Tiamat will win, but before the fight's, offscreen, conclusion, the beast manages to do pretty well for a Red Shirt, dodging attacks and slamming Tiamat through a wall.
  • The first time you hit a Block Counter, you likely won't want to dodge ever again. Not only does it look great, it and its follow up combo legitimately useful and powerful moves.

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