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From the 1960s TV series:

  • Episode 250 is a massive one for Maggie Evans, in which she takes more action to save herself than anyone else has managed in the weeks she's been missing—and, in fact, might have the record for "most things accomplished in one episode" period. She manages to, over the course of one episode:
    • Not only break free of her brainwashing and reclaim the ability to form full sentences, but actively rebel against the music box meant to brainwash her when it's playing;
    • Successfully convince Barnabas that she believes she's Josette;
    • Convince Barnabas not to give her another brainwashing item—a necklace—by making him wait until their wedding for her to wear it;
    • Find Barnabas's secret coffin room and successfully slip in and out without him noticing;
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    • Uses Loomis's greed in conjunction with the brainwashing necklace to keep him quiet once he finds her sneaking around;
    • Triumphantly declare that she can kill Barnabas if Loomis is too scared to;
    • And, finally, was about to stab Barnabas to death when he woke up.
  • She comes close to saving herself again in episode 253, in which her plan to simply give Loomis a ring with her name engraved on it and count on him to do something stupid with it nearly pays off. David has accidentally gotten his hands on the ring and handed it off to Vicki, and she almost reads the inscription before Barnabas shows up to claim it.
  • Meta example: some people were searching in the early 2000s for the missing episodes in an old warehouse. They didn't find them, but they stumbled upon an even bigger find- somewhere between 650 and 3,000 episodes of the original run of The Hollywood Squares!

From the movie:

  • Barnabas's response to Angelique's proposal that they become business partners and lovers. "You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly!"
  • Carolyn's unexpected badassery during the climax.
    Carolyn: GET OUT OF MY ROOM.
    • Not to mention how she ends up taking it in stride that her family finally learned she was a werewolf. Given the implication that she was so withdrawn to keep that secret, it says a lot that she keeps going when they find out.
  • Elizabeth, armed only with a shotgun, fighting back the enchanted house and claiming multiple hits on Angelique.
  • David's mother's banshee shriek, which ended the fight against Angelique.

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