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    Dark Forces 
  • The outline for the very first game, including all the missions and 17 more that ended up on the cutting room floor, including some rough sketches and biographies, were done by one guy over a single weekend.
  • In the prequel novel to the games, Kyle Katarn is a stalwart Imperial soldier, one of the billions who believes that the Empire really is a just government. As his last test before graduation from the Academy, he leads a squad of stormtroopers in the assault on a Rebel base. Despite heavy casualties, the battle is a success and most of the rebels are killed. Katarn is promoted and given the Imperial equivalent of a Medal of Honor at his graduation ceremony. Soon after, he is informed that his father was killed by rebels, and is given leave to grieve for him. While on a pleasure cruise, he runs into one of the rebels that he spared at the base, a woman named Jan Ors. Through a recording supplied by a rebel propaganda droid, she shows Kyle that the Empire was actually responsible for his father's death. Kyle's response? He doesn't say a word. He just takes the Imperial medal off of his uniform, and throws it down the trash chute.
  • The opening mission. Compared to the new canon where it took an incredible amount of struggle and sacrifice to get the Death Star plans, Kyle Katarn does it in five minutes single-handedly. His response upon grabbing the plans counts as well, and serves as a nice Establishing Character Moment.
    Kyle: This is too easy.
  • Jabba the Hutt manages to capture Kyle and dumps him into a pit with a Kell Dragon. Kyle ends up punching it to death.
  • Han Solo once said that there are only a few people in the whole galaxy who can take down Boba Fett in a fair fight. Well guess what? Kyle Katarn is one of them.

    Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II 
  • Rahn's Last Stand in the intro. The guy takes Yun's lightsabre and takes on seven Dark Jedi at once, even chopping Maw in half. It takes Jerec's Force Destruction to stop him and even at that, he has to follow it up.
  • The Dark Side ending for Jedi Knight. After defeating Jerec, Kyle is implied to have taken the power of the valley for himself. Cut to a scene where Kyle, now The Emperor, arrives in Coruscant with Sariss, which means that he apparently conquered the galaxy offscreen with little effort. When informed of an uprising on a colony, he orders it destroyed in a chilling manner.
    Kyle: I have no time for petty uprisings. Extinguish them painfully.

    Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast 
  • There's a section of Kejim where an idiot Stormtrooper sets off a volatile container near a bridge. Kyle has to cross the bridge while it starts collapsing from the damage; just as Kyle crosses it, it violently explodes. Cue this exchange:
    Jan: What was that?!
    Kyle: Just another day at work, Jan.
  • Desann's Curb-Stomp Battle when you first encounter him. Then his brilliant Batman Gambit to make Kyle lead Desann to the very place he wants to keep hidden. Heck, his dialogue with Kyle before the fight counts as well.
  • The level where Kyle fights a bunch of Reborn alongside Luke Skywalker. The game already does a great job immersing you in the Star Wars universe and playing as a Jedi to boot, but then it adds icing to an already awesome cake by having you fight alongside one of your boyhood heroes as well.
  • While Admiral Fyyar is doing the big speech about how awesome he is, Kyle destroys his ship's shield generator with a well-aimed lightsaber toss.
    Fyyar: Worlds will tremble! Stars will shudder—-
    [Kyle tosses his lightsaber into the shield generator]
    Kyle: Your shields will fall.
  • The secret method of killing Desann in the final battle (doubles as utterly hilarious). Once the fight starts, ignore Desann and drop down to his level, running over to one of the pillars in the corners. Use force-lightning, saber-throw, explosives, anything to damage the pillar. Break four parts off it, and it'll crumble, bringing down the platform above it which, if it lands on someone (even Desann) is an instant kill. This crazy-huge badass Sith-lord monster-looking guy, defeated immediately because a few rocks fell on his head!

    Jedi Academy 
  • The first time you do the forward jumping attack with the lightsabre on some feckless Stormtrooper. You end up doing this forward front flip with a crazy twist in mid-air, and at the top of your arc, you punch your lightsabre through the top of the guy's head. Yes, it ends up being one of your standard moves after a while, but that first time? INSANITY.
  • Jaden duplicates Kyle's feat of beating Boba Fett in a straight fight.
  • Should you choose to fall to the Dark Side, Jaden delivers an awesome Pre-Mortem One-Liner to Rosh.
    Rosh: Jaden, I was wrong!
    Jaden: No. You were weak.

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