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  • All of chapter 20 for the True Companions, especially considering how effortless they make it look:
    • Shenandoah curb-stomping the poor bastards that try to get past her into the building the other three are in.
    • The implication that Forest is so good at tracking that he's nearly impossible to hit and may very well have Super Speed.
    • When the mooks say "Screw this" and just start shooting arrows at Shenandoah from all directions in hope that she can't deflect them all. Well, they're right for once; she can't. But with Mustaine around, she doesn't have to. Some of the smarter bad guys have a bit of an Oh, Crap! moment when they realize he's there.
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    • Melrose: Some smart person shoots a flaming arrow at their hideout and predictably it catches fire. Or so it seems turns out, it never did; Melrose took control of the fire the moment it hit the house and has had it under control for pretty much the entire time it was burning. He makes his entrance turning the fire into a chain of words before then crushing them into smoke all in some brand spanking new duds that make him look pretty badass and like a guy for once. The chapter ends with him and Mustaine preparing to lay the smackdown on some mooks.
    • The above crosses into Funny Moment the next chapter with Melrose taking the time to flirt in the middle of fighting. Shenandoah and Mustaine's reactions are what sells it.]]
    • Forest killing ALL of the scouts in chapter 21.
    • When going to rendezvous with Shenandoah and Emika, Forest manages to elude even the experienced Thieves' Guild's detection and prevents Emika from being killed.

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