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  • This game's very format: It's a triple-wide screen achieved through the use of mirrored-image monitors and half-reflecting mirrors, allowing for a super-wide display (even wider than modern 21:9 monitors) without CRT bezels creating massive gaps.

Dariusburst (including Another Chronicle, Second Prologue, and Chronicle Saviours)

  • The Sanmo sector in Chronicle Saviours. The Planet Saviours finally begin to mount a counterattack against the Belsar after years of oppression from them. The mission itself? It's a full run of the A-D-H route from Another Chronicle, with the "Photoconductivity Suite" track series playing from start to finish.
  • The Final Battle with Gigantic Bite. It's one helluva satisfying fight to end the game and the series, and boy does it pack a punch. The way the boss attacks is like something straight out of a Bullet Hell game, and it's armed with a burst beam of its own, cannons on its belly, drones, and can even fire lasers at you in the background. Not to mention the epic music that plays during the battle.
    • This one quote just before the boss battle:

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