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Awesome / Dante's Inferno

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  • When Death comes for Dante, Dante beats him up, steals his scythe, and kills him. Death begs to be spared. Even more awesome: this is the first boss battle of the game.
  • The end of the boss fight with King Minos. Dante sticks Mino's tongue on his own torture wheel and spins it, slicing him in half.
  • Anytime you hijack an Asterian Beast and literally wipe the floor with your enemies. The fact that one also singlehandedly decapitates Charon and destroys his vessel later on makes it a very suitable pet.
  • The end of the boss fight with Cerberus. It starts with the last head of the creature devouring Dante whole, chomping as if it had won the fight...until you see an action command on the screen. Cue beams of light bursting through Cerberus's skin as it squirms in pain, getting brighter and brighter with each button press until BANG—the head explodes into big, chunky pieces as Dante lands victoriously. In the words of Neo, "Whoa."
    • Not just any action command, mind you - Dante blows its skull apart by performing the Sign of the Cross with his scythe.
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  • The game's very premise, the very poem it's based from. A (as far as we are given until the very end) mortal man heads down through every single torment of the bowels of Hell, with only one comrade, whom is a guide, not a fellow fighter, all for the sake of someone he loved who went to Hell for HIS mistakes. At least Kratos was half-god. Dante didn't have the luxury.
  • The comic has Beatrice give several Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? and Badass Boast moments.
    Beatrice: Yes. For now I understand. You need me. I do not know why. You are incapable of love, and simple lust is something you could force upon any held within your sway. But for some reason, you must marry me. And that means you are not the one with power here. I am.
    Lucifer: You will do as I command, woman!
    Beatrice: Of course, for I gave my word. But do not seek to frighten me, Lucifer. Though it surprises me to say, you have no ability to do so.

    Beatrice: My god... I understand. You may deceive, manipulate, cajole. You may lie and bargain and trick. But you are as much a prisoner as any soul here. In all the ways that matter... the Devil is impotent. But I am not. In life and death, others have used me for their own ends. But now I have the power to do what they could not. If Lucifer cannot defeat Dante... if Malacoda cannot... I shall.
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  • Beatrice also gets some Defiant Captive moments in the anime such as attacking Lucifer a couple times despite knowing he could easily crush her.
  • Dante's response to Lucifer's panicked We Can Rule Together speech?


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