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There have been several of these thus far, such as:

Episode 2

Episode 3

  • Faulerro-as-Hagakure delivering a near-accurate "OBJECTION!" that you might easily mistook it that he's channeling ANY of the Ace Attorney voice actors or there might be an Ace Attorney character cameo (only to find out it's just Hagakure).
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  • Again, Kirigiri proves to be just full of these when she shuts down everyone's attempts to argue their blind assumption that Naegi is Maizono's killer, both with copious amounts of snark and sheer logic.
    Kirigiri: Okay, are you all done making complete asses of yourselves?
    Fukawa: Excuse me?!
    Kirigiri: Seriously? Have any of you paid any attention to this case at all? Naegi is not the culprit.
    Oowada: Eh?! But Maizono was in his room!
    Kirigiri: They had swapped rooms for the night. Isn't that right, Naegi?
    Naegi (stammering): Uh, right.
    Asahina: But, what about that broken doorknob?
    Kirigiri: Naegi knew it wasn't locked, so he didn't bust in.
    Fukawa: But he-!
    Kirigiri: Had no motive to kill her.
    Kirigiri: That's impossible.
    Kuwata: Well, what abou-?
    Kirigiri: No. Shut up. (Everyone stares in stunned silence) There, glad we could come to an agreement.
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  • Naegi's snarktastic Climax Inference.
    Naegi: Leon Kuwata... You're the dumbass who did it!
  • The Bullet Time Battle… thing was funny, but near the end is when the badass is suddenly cranked up:
    Naegi: Would you bet your life on that?
    Kuwata: Abso-fuckin-lutely!
    Naegi: I'm glad to hear that!
    Kuwata: I'm ESTATIC! I wasn't in that room and you can't prove otherwise!
    Naegi: I totally CAN! (Fires Truth Bullet)
    • Doubling as a Funny Moment, was the lines said right after the Truth Bullet shattered the screen:
    Naegi: Leon, as a high school baseball star, you have fans. And those fans must obsess over the smallest details about you. That's why Maizono mentioned your "special peircing" in the invatation; she wanted to see your "Prince Albert." So if you're not hiding anything, drop your pants and prove it!
    Togami: You heard him, let's see it.
    Kirigiri: Or would you rather confess here and now?
  • After Kuwata is found guilty of killing Maizono for calling him a "wienie":
    Celestia: Well, now we're going to have a "wienie roast" when- YOU ARE BURNED IN THE FIERY PITS OF MY HOME! -Monokuma deals with you.
  • After Kuwata begs them not to kill him, on account of the anime not delving further into his character, Monokuma gives us one by issuing a particularly satisfying Shut Up, Hannibal!.
    Monokuma: Imma let you in on a little secret, "Pin-Cushion": NOBODY CARES!
    • Monokuma gets another after the animation style shifts and Kuwata is dragging into what the bear hopes to be "the first of many ironic punishments."
    Kuwata (shackled to a post with a pitching machine aimed at him): Oh, you've gotta be kidding me.
    Monokuma (dressed in a baseball gear): Here, Dude, lemme pitch it to ya. BATTER UP!
  • The execution itself is a CMOA for Faulerro. He actually gave extra animations on the character's mouths, so it was like Leon was speaking before he's dragged into his execution site.


Episode 4

  • Oowada simply admitting his crime when caught on the truth that he knew of Togami's browsing history.
  • Naegi not taking Togami's shit throughout the episode and snarking at him like crazy.
  • The I Never Said It Was Poison has been changed to fit the episode, but the delivery is still badass.
    Mondo: He obviously didn't want everyone to find out about those murder mystery porn sites he visits.
    Togami: Wh-What?
    Mondo: Uh, I think you got your Catchphrase all tangled up there, bud-
  • Faulerro's handling the controversy around Chihiro Fujisaki.
  • Chihiro's reason for meeting with Oowada: They intended to neutralize the motive by preemptively revealing everyone's browsing histories, which they obtained by repairing the laptop in the library and hacking into Monokuma's database.

Episode 5

  • Naegi being 100% done with Byakuya's shit.
    Naegi: He's talking about this being a "game" again, is anybody gonna deck him?
  • Aoi showing that she's one of the few people who can shut Monokuma up when he tries to make fun of her after the events of Episode 4 as she goes through "pink-sprinkled donut" withdrawal. With a single sentence, she all but throws a leash on him when he goes one quip too far.

Episode 6

  • Naegi being 110% done with Celestia's shit. He solves the trial in a few minutes by using his research on Hope's Peak Academy to stomp on Celes' Berserk Button as hard as he could.
    • Even better, he proved Kirigiri wrong about Celes being a demon named Thebumphor.
  • Naegi's speech on why everyone should stop listening to Celes and Togami's shit. Not only is it epic, but it works. He even gets everyone agree to ignore Togami's presence. Even Syo.

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