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Surprisingly enough, ProtonJon's residential Butt-Monkey is quite capable of pulling off awesome moments.

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    Dan's Streams & Let's Plays 
  • During his stream of The Escapists, Dan managed to take over an entire prison, incapacitate all the guards with nunchucks and molten chocolate, and was actually RELEASED from the prison because of it. Of course he did have to get passed the snipers... which took him 2 tries to do.
  • The 8/8/2015 Splatoon stream, as badly as it went, did have one awesome moment out of Dan. His controller was faulty due to a soda spilling incident just before the stream. This forced his movement to go to the right. He could still turn, but he could only go in the right direction. Despite the handicap, Dan STILL PULLED OFF THE WIN!
  • As short-lived as it was, Dan can claim he held a World Record Speedrun in a game that does in fact have a community to it.
  • In Final Fantasy V, showing just how much of a Game-Breaker the Time Mage is in end-game, Dan decided to use BAHAMUT as his personal practice dummy just to show off how broken Quick (which lets the caster have two uninterrupted turns in a row), Dualcast (lets you cast two spells at once), and Meteor (the most damaging spell a Time Mage has) really is against single targets. Bahamut couldn't even get a single attack off.
  • Dan takes on QWOP and actually beats it! What makes this awesome is that the run he beats QWOP in, he crushes it up to the 95m mark and then channels his inner Maxwell Adams and flails the rest of the course, completing the game.
  • During the 5/14/2016 stream of Bomberman Act Zero, Dan makes it to stage 20 with only 2 health and is prepared to lose right then and there. He ends the stage with 262, meaning he had found THIRTEEN health-ups in the stage.
  • During the 10/6/2016 stream of Grand Theft Auto Vice City during the Phnom Penh '86 mission, Dan decides to get more appropriate music by playing Ride Of The Valkryies. Dan nearly gets killed after leaving the helicopter, but Dan ends up killing everyone and completing the mission with just 3 HP left. He is then picked up by Lance just as the song ends. It can be watched in it's entirety here.
  • After about a year and a half of not touching the game, Dan went back to speedrunning Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective and reclaimed his World Record with a time of 47 minutes, 36 seconds. The run can be watched here.
  • On September 8th, Dan officially joined the Danger Squad team on Twitch with established names like Brutalmoose and ProtonJon. His debut challenge? Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. How is this awesome? Dan scored OVER A MILLION POINTS compared to second place's 448,711 from ProtonJon. Slightly less awesome when Dan's emulator slowed down remarkably, but he willingly took a point reduction and still ended up winning decisively. Dan even lampshades it with this tweet.
    • He then attempts to go 2-for-2 in Super Mario Bros, but only ends up getting 2nd place with 503,150 to Jon's 556,550.
  • Clearing Vini, Vedi, Vici in VVVVVV in just under 24 minutes in his very first time playing the game.
  • During the 2017 FFV Four Job Fiesta, Dan had two Berserkers, a Beastmaster, and a Dancer as his party which he led to taking down OMEGA.
  • During The Legend of Dragoon, on two separate occasions, Dan was looking forward to a few boss fights. Namely, Lenus and Grand Jewel which both are notorious for being That One Boss. Dan proceeds to clean them up with relatively zero difficulty, much to his disappointment.
  • This And this was the FIRST run of the night after failing multiple times the previous stream.

    Dan's Awesome Moments Outside Of His Channels 
  • ProtonJon:
    • Winning back-to-back Bomberman Act Zero tournaments is a major one, and arguably, the first one Dan had since joining Twitch.
      • And then defending his championship against 3 other people at once after his first tournament win.
    • During Drawful, Dan tricks Jon twice in the same game.
  • Exfauxsure:
    • In the "We're Not Soldiers" Dungeons & Dragons campaign, Dan's Bare-Fisted Monk was essentially the melee carry of the team. His feats include:
      • Rolling a natural 20 to break down his jail cell door and one-shot the guard who came in.
      • Rolling ANOTHER 20 to leap across a room to save his teammate from a 2v1 situation, culminating in punching a guard so hard, they fell down a flight of stairs.
      • Solving most of the riddles near the final boss of the campaign.
  • Ray Narvaez Jr.
    • Dan joins in on the 12/11/2015 Quiplash stream and completely crushes the chat with two Quiplashes and the top score in the final Quiplash, scoring over 5000 points and beating second place by over 1000. #EnigmaSection stands tall indeed.
  • SmiteSA's Arcade Pit
    • Dan teams with Frankomatic to form "Team Team"note  to go against Linebeck and ZenScissors (named Big Shit) note  In complete defiance of the Running Gag of Red Team crushing Yellow, Dan and Frank manage pull a 180 with the gag, crushing them 315-95.
      • During Dan's "Gamebler" challenge of NBA Jam note , Dan manages to sink a FULL COURT SHOT in order to win the challenge.

  • A minor one, but getting a Colbert Bump by both Proton Jon and Tom Fawkes (the latter in the form of a raid) has to count for something.

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