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Awesome / Dan Slott's Spider-Man

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  • Say what you will about the Slott Run, the fact it's a run that lasted for years since 2008, especially through Marvel's multiple series of relaunches that shuffle the authors of their books yearly, is awesome in of itself.
  • This run being the one to finally put Peter's inventions skills to work, heartwarmingly fulfilling Uncle Ben and Aunt May's dreams of seeing their nephew grow up to be a successful scientist.
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  • Norman wearing The Carnage symbiote and becoming the threat he once was from back during the original Clone Saga and even earlier when he killed Gwen Stacy. After all this time of either being lucky with Peter or being forced into hiding multiple times Norman's finally back to being a threat.
  • Issue 800, the Grand Finale for Dan Slott's era, is agreed by many to be genuinely good, praised for it's pacing strong character moments, and Flash's Heroic Sacrifice.

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