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  • Many. The main X-Men page has a very long section dedicated to Scott. Most notable recent example is what he did during Curse Of The Mutants. He may owe Blade an apology, but not many people can Batman Gambit the lord of vampires then stare down Dracula while implying that he's put some kind of insta-kill contingency plan inside him. Dracula claims he knows he's bluffing, but he doesn't call it for obvious reasons.
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  • After losing his powers, Scott's blasting at the members of the new Hellfire Club Inner Circle with a gun while talking casually to a completely befuddled Colossus. Not what it appears.
    Piotr (Colossus): Shto...? Scott?
    Scott (Cyclops): BLAM! Pete, hey. You would not believe the day I'm having.
    Piotr: Katya! (Goes over to fallen Kitty Pryde, NOT shot by Cyclops)
    Scott: She's okay. I'm trying to get her to wake up.
    Piotr: By shooting people?
    Scott: Peter, please. I'm an X-Man. I don't shoot people. BLAM! I'm just trying to make a point.
  • We can't forget the bit in Astonishing X-Men where Cyclops tugs off his visor and gives a rampaging Sentinel a full blast of his Eye Beams... which pretty much destroys the Sentinel and scythes most of the mansion's landscaping clean.
    *page goes RED*
    Wolverine: Every now and then, Summers, I'm reminded why you're in charge.
    • Speaking of Cyclops taking out Sentinels, in First Class, he singlehandedly defeats one without his powers, luring it into the Danger Room and turning everything on.
  • In Astonishing when Cyclops, still depowered is being viciously interrogated by aliens.
    *Cyclops smirks, and fires an optic blast that obliterates the roof of the fortress, and can been seen from miles around, signalling his X-Men to attack*
    Cyclops: To me, my X-Men. Let's finish this.
    • Considering that there has always been some doubt in Scott's mind as to whether he could really be a leader, taking on his father-figure's catchphrase to begin attacking an entire world should tell you his confidence.
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    • His capture was actually a Batman Gambit, as demonstrated by a hilarious Once More, with Clarity!, as he allowed himself to get captured and interrogated by the villains (who were bugging the ship they were in) to properly disable them from the inside, while using Emma's psychic powers to silently link up with the rest of the team.
  • Don't forget the time while Professor Xavier was comatose and Mastermind made everyone believe he was the still-evil Phoenix, he lured every member into the Danger Room, and took them down one by one - including Storm and Wolverine - but more importantly, he made them start doubting their eyes. And in a pure stroke of genius, Cyclops forced Rogue to touch Xavier so she can could read everyone's mind and realize what's really going on. This my friends, proves why Scott is the Leader of the X-men. See the fight here.
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  • Also, one from decades ago, when the X-Men have been defeated by Proteus, Scott picks a fight with the entire team — starting with Wolverine — and defeats them single handed in order to help them focus. While knowingly risking being carved to giblets by Wolverine (who he deliberately fights hand-to-hand).
  • Cyclops gets jumped by six guys while out Christmas shopping. He's effectively blind, as opening his eyes would smash innocent folks into goo. He calmly annihilates his attackers in hand-to-hand combat, then finds his glasses, purely by memorizing the steps he took. While fighting.
  • Once upon a time Cyclops was captured and immobilized by a Mad Scientist wanting to cut out his eyes. Cyclops first pointed out that he'd memorized the brand names of the equipment, so if the Mad Scientist doesn't kill Cyclops, he'll track him through that. And if he does kill Cyclops, there's going to be a very angry nigh-omnipotent psychic redhead looking for him. Either way, the Mad Scientist is going to end up having a talk with Wolverine. Said Mad Scientist wisely lets Scott go.
  • Cyclops masterminding the defeat of the Dark X-Men and Norman Osborn, and the creation of his own mutant nation, was a glorious moment for him.
  • So we have the Void, reality-warped Evil Counterpart of the batshit insane Sentry. After hovering around in Emma's diamond form for awhile, it gets into Scott's head when the latter tries to help her. Emma promptly goes back into the mind link to try and save him, only for Scott to boot her out of his head, then use all of the emotional repression he's learned from his time with the X-Men to utterly own the Void, sealing it into a harmless inert form when it tries to take over his mind by driving him insane.
  • In chapter 1 of Secret Invasion: X-Men, after hijacking an Invading Skrull ship they're stopped by an alien priest calling himself a soul Shepard before comanding that they kiss his feet, Cyke just bluntly blasts him into a wall before telling the X-Men to strip the ship of everything they can use against them.
  • Curse of the Mutants: Scott plays the Vampires like tools. After turning Jubilee, the Vampire nation plan to use her to lure Logan to their base and allow her to turn him, and then send him to kill Cyclops. However, Scott knew this and had Wolverine's Healing Factor checked against Vampire Venom to see if he'd be able to cure himself. When he discovers he would be, he disables it so that, when Jubilee attempts to turn him, they wont just capture him if he turns out to be immune. So When Vampire Logan goes to kill him, he remotely reactivates his power, purging him of Vampirism and reverting him to normal, right in the heart of the Vampire army. During this, Cyclops had also had Dracula resurrected, and tricks him into getting revenge on the Vampire nation for betraying him. Once he regains power and decides that he too would like to turn all the mutants into vampires, Cyclops reveals he had made a special device that would kill him during the time he was dead. While Dracula tries to pretend he doesn't believe him, Cyclops insists he's not bluffing, convincing Dracula to abandon any attempts to turn any mutants into vampires. Yes, Cyclops Outsmarted every vampire in the world and then scared Dracula into peace.
  • He had an awesome moment at the end of God Loves Man Kills. Professor X was hooked up to send his psychic energy out to kill all nearby mutants and time was running out. He gives Wolverine the okay to have Nightcrawler teleport him next to Charles and kill him and then turns his head to the side and fires a beam. Cue that beam bouncing off reflections while Wolverine's attempt fails and he is mind bolted. With Xavier distracted he doesn't realize until too late that the optic beam will hit him and is hit across the jaw and knocked out. Wolverine was just a distraction and Cyclops pretty much created a plan before Xavier could detect it and before Cyclops himself could think of it!
  • A very subtle one in Astonishing. When the mutant cure is all over the news and Beast is being tempted to take it, not only does Cyclops not take the cure for himself despite the fact his powers are arguably far worse than Beast's and have basically ruined his life, but he holds absolutely no hard feelings towards anyone who does, and upon hearing that Beast may/may not take it, he merely asks that he tells him what he's going to do. So, you have a guy who is offered a free way out of what must be a constant hell for him and doesn't once even contemplate it because he's the public leader of the X-Men, but also lets others, including one of his best friends, choose for themselves. There is a reason Joss is one of my favorite writers, and its because he got Cyke right.
  • Scott even got a massive one before arriving at the school. Namely, when forced to try and kill a security guard, he atomized his abusive foster father, who was in a diamond form at the time. While it's incredibly dark to think about, especially given Scott's age at the time, the fact that he stood up to a man who brutally beat him and stopped him hurting anyone else is amazing.
  • And somehow, Scott is still considered boring by Wolverine fans.
    • Though that may be a rhetorical comment, elaboration may be welcome for emphasis. Many readers want their CMOA driven home to the audience the same way an advertisement promotes the product; so obvious and hard that there wouldn't be any argument against it. That is mostly the type of CMOA Wolverine does. Cyclops on the other hand, as one above example states, goes for the more subtle ones. He studies the situation he's in, learns from it, and takes advantage of it. His powers and physical capabilities are just parts of what he can make use of; he considers his allies and even his foes as well. A good example of this is his part in the heroes' assault against Thanos in The Infinity Gauntlet miniseries. He lets the others, particularly Thanos, assume that he is deluding himself to thinking that a steady stream of his optic blast can defeat the Mad Titan. So when Thanos faces Cyclops, Cyke cuts his beam off. Turns out that Cyclops was just using his optic blast to make Thanos shift his center of balance; so with the optic blast immediately off, Thanos loses his balance and his guard along with it, giving an opening for the other heroes more capable of bringing Thanos down to attack. As the witnessing Starfox says, a masterful move. Sadly some writers miss that point and brands Cyclops the way his detractors do. More capable writers, however, shows the depth of this character. Despite the Unfortunate Implications, when portrayed properly, Cyclops can be the Ozymandias to Wolverine's Rorscharch.

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