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The musical:

  • After Daryl Grady agrees to re review Robbin'Hood, Lt. Cioffi confronts him about the first one he gave:
    Cioffi: Mr. Grady, I thought your review of “Robbin' Hood” was needlessly cruel and way off the mark.
    Grady: Well I'm not sure you know how to judge acting, Lieutenant.
    Cioffi: Of course, you're the expert. However, I regret to inform you that you that I'm now placing you under arrest for the crime of murder.
    Grady: What?! Have you lost your mind?
    Cioffi: Any statement you make may be taken down in writing and used against you in a court of law.
    Grady: This is insane! What in God's name are you saying?!
    Cioffi: I'm saying my best lines from Agatha Christie's Murder At The Vicarage. I played Chief Inspector Slack for the Natick Town Players two summers ago. (Beat) Oh. Did you think I was saying that for real? Gosh, I'm not sure you know how to judge acting, Mr. Grady. You can go now.

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