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  • A posthumous one for Gilda. According to Pinkie Pie, she withstood her torture for an impressively long amount of time, and it's implied that she didn't give in to despair, since by the time Pinkie is forced to shove a Parasprite down her throat due to annoyance, Gilda had never once been crying, she'd been talking shit to Pinkie Pie and actively insulting her! That's right: despite the crippling agony she must have been going through, Gilda was still tough enough to badmouth her sadistic captor! and then, Pinkie cut out her tongue.
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  • The image on the main page implies that Pinkie Pie somehow managed to do this to Princess Luna.
  • Rainbow Dash in the Alternate Endings where Pinkie has karmic deaths, in the one where Pinkie is backed into her machine she acts like the Daughter of Discord and causes hallucinations that cause PINKIE to lose her cool, in another she escapes her harness and totally owns Pinkie, giving her a taste of her own medicine.

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