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Considering that this is a show in which a man wrestles crocodiles into submission with his bare hands, just about any episode could count. However, here are a few of the more memorable examples:

  • For people who love animals, Steve's career in general is this. The man got to found his own zoo and broadcast his messages about the environment and animals to a large, international audience.
  • On an episode of his most dangerous encounters, Steve met an Egyptian Cobra that was completely insane. The snake went up the nearby tree twice to launch itself at Steve, who after the first time stopped even trying to grab the snake. Steve guessed that an elephant group going through recently had startled the snake badly, and dubbed it the most aggressive snake he'd ever met. Still, seeing it go up that tree again is just a thing of beauty.
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  • Steve helping another zoo move its crocs to his so their exhibit could be renovated. Why was it so awesome? Because he and the team had to catch the crocs in knee-deep mud.
  • Crosses over with Tear Jerker a bit, but Steve never abandoned his love of nature. According to the film crew when he was dying his final words were insisting that the Stingray that took his life didn't mean to hurt him. Right up until the bitter end Steve saw the best of nature.
  • One of the most tense and nail-biting Crocodile Hunter episodes is "Crocs of the Revolution", wherein Steve's team was called out to East Timor in the wake of their 2000 war for independence. In the capital, two badly mistreated crocodiles living in unbelievably poor conditions were found by the Australian military, and Steve's team was called upon to help the two animals with some clean new enclosures in front of the local church and educate the populace in crocodile husbandry. The first one had been floating in trash for so long it didn't even put up a fight as it was dragged from its enclosure and scrubbed down in the ocean. The second one, however, had lived its whole life in a tiny concrete water-filled box sunken into the ground and was so aggressive and oversized for the space it cracked the wall of its enclosure with its outbursts. Steve was forced to climb into the tiny space with the croc after exhausting all other options, and after hours of attempts in the hot tropical sun, they finally pulled the croc from the box. It's pure catharsis to watch both crocs slide into their new, clear pools.
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  • One episode of Croc Diaries centers around Steve and his team's efforts to quickly relocate a number of problem crocodiles in less time than they would have liked. In the process, Steve breaks his finger and a rib, and keeps bearing his way through the pain as he jumps on crocodiles like nothing happened. Many commenters on YouTube who have experience with broken ribs expressed that they didn't want to do anything other than lay down and cry when they broke a rib, and here's Steve throwing himself on crocs.
  • Google made a doodle dedicated to Steve on his 57th birthday, showing that even all these years after his death, Steve Irwin's legacy won't and never will be forgotten.

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