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For the TV series:

  • In the series finale, doubling as a moment of heartwarming, after Susie Dunn's flash of insight:
    Dunn: I know we're the law, but she's my sister and she needs me, and I need you to turn your back and let me go. Okay, Finley? Can you do that?
    Finley: You know I can't.
    Dunn: Because you're the law?
    Finley: No. (beat) Because I'm your partner.
    Dunn: You're gonna come with me?
    Finley: As far as you need.
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  • And then, in The Reveal in the finale, we find out that Meg Fitch managed to get her hands on Gibson's original notes regarding every stage of the kidnapping, and Beth Ann has discovered that her father masterminded the whole thing, triggering off his complete BSOD at realizing his daughter hates him. Considering that until that point, Gibson has managed to outfox and outmaneuver everyone else every step of the way, it's a pretty good moment of awesome.

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