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  • Within the first few minutes of the film, three years after Adonis's loss to Pretty "Ricky" Conlan, Adonis has already gone from underdog to heavyweight champion.
  • Just seeing Rocky and Ivan Drago stand across from each other giving each other the Death Glare. Even after roughly 33 years the hate and respect for each other is still there.
  • At the beginning Adonis returns the beat down Danny “stunt man” Wheeler gave him in the first film. Knocking him out and getting the keys that he wagered for his car in the first film back.
  • The rematch between Adonis and Viktor. In the final round Adonis (with his ribs broken once again) manages to knock Viktor down to the mat twice.
    • Even better after Viktor gets up from those Adonis continues to basically pound on him to the point that Ivan has to throw in the towel to save his son from possibly losing his life.
  • Even though in the end it wasn’t why he did it the fact that Adonis avenged his family name when it came to the Dragos.

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