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Awesome / Crash Bash

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  • Completing Crash Bash with either side gets you a chilling moment of awesome for your respective elder mask:
    • Winning as the Good team, Aku Aku will call out a tantrum throwing Uka Uka, revealing he knew his plan to steal the crystals the whole time. After securing the crystals where evil hands cannot get them, he gives Uka Uka "what is his" and unleashes the ancients' penalty for disturbing the crystals, shooting Uka Uka into hyperspace.
    • Winning as the Evil team, Uka Uka takes over the world! He reveals to his brother he has all of the crystals "and all of the power", leaving Aku Aku doubting the power of goodness and begging Crash and Coco to flee for their lives while Uka Uka laughs triumphantly with a lightning backdrop.

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