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Awesome / Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • After two games, Crash gets abilities at the end of each boss fight that makes the game completion much easier. Running faster, higher belly jumps and... A BAZOOKA!
  • This is the first game where Coco Bandicoot is a playable character, even though it is only controlling vehicles or riding Pura. The N Sane Trilogy remake would expand on this by making Coco a fully playable character that can learn all the same abilities as Crash so, Coco with....A BAZOOKA!
  • Every boss fight is completely badass.
    • Tiny's battle starts with him bursting out of chains strapped to pillars! Then he leaps at Crash, far more aggressively than he did in Cortex Strikes Back. Finally, When he gets hit, he returns to his podium and summons a slew of lions to attack Crash!
    • Dingodile immediately shows himself to be much more dangerous than any of Cortex and Brio's lackeys in the last two games, threatening to torch an innocent penguin. Then, as soon as Crash arrives, he immediately places down three walls of crystals and starts blasting fireballs at Crash. Crash uses the blasts from his flamethrower to break the barriers to attack him... which results in Dingodile's tank exploding, which will kill Crash if he doesn't get out of the way in time. Accompanying this is this incredible track.
    • For the third battle, you confront N. Tropy, the creator of the time twister you've been using up to this point. And he doesn't mess around, firing balls and waves of plasma, before manipulating the arena to lead a path to him, almost as if giving a Bring It gesture. Then when Crash hits him, he warps to the other end, and completely changes the room's time period! When Crash gets the final hit off, N. Tropy explodes into nothing but his clock vest, seemingly killed.
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    • N. Gin is often cited as the best boss in the Crash series. You fight him in space! In a spaceship! Piloted by none other than Coco, Crash's sister! N. Gin battles in a mech suit, with a much greater upgrade compared to his suit in the previous game. Then, when you break all of his weapons, it's not over. He leaves his mech suit and connects to a spaceship with even more weapons. However, Coco also gets an upgrade, with her tiger Pura piloting a stronger laser gun attached to Coco's ship.
    • Finally, there's Cortex himself. Not only do you have to fight him, but also deal with Aku-Aku and Uka-Uka battling in the middle of the arena, performing attacks such as a Beam-O-War, a spinning battle, and even making explosions. When Cortex lowers his force field, you then strike him and knock him down into a vent in the middle of the field. But it gets better! If you beat the game 100% (As in, getting every gem, crystal and relic), Cortex falls into the time twister, which gets completely consumed by a portal, trapping him, Uka-Uka and N. Tropy in the beginning of time.

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