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Awesome / Cradle 2 the Grave

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  • "Wrong! Kid! Definitely the wrong father!"
    • Everything that was going on near the end of the movie was awesome.
  • Vanessa attempts to escape at one point by crying until one of the mooks lets her out of the van they're keeping her captive in, whereupon she kicks him in the nuts, steals the van's keys and tries to drive off. Sure, she fails, but a pretty good effort for an 8 year-old girl.
    • The way she uses her necklace to cut herself out of the duct tape she's been bound in is also pretty nifty for a scared little kid.
  • The way Su takes the diamonds from Miles (who is by no means a bad fighter from what is shown) with such a visible lack of effort compared to his other fights.
  • Jet Li vs. Mark Dacascos.
  • Su taking on at about ten cage fighters single-handedly.
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  • Designated Girl Fight it may be, but Daria's fight with Soma has some very cool moments, such as Daria using her jacket to whip a gun out of Sona's hand, and when Sona grabs a gun, twiting her arm so that she end up shooting herself.
  • The Mêlée à Trois between Fait, Su and the gangsters, with stuff like swimming out a car door into a guys face and ring a dumpster lid as a catapult.
  • In a humorous sense, how Tommy manages to provide a Distracted by the Sexy moment for the gay desk guard with such ease on the fly, with no preparation of experience for that role.
  • In a Meta sense the Bait-and-Switch reveal that Jet Li is playing a good guy when he's seemingly being built up as a sinister antagonist at first.

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