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Awesome / Coreline Operation Endgame

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  • Early on in the chapter, Cap Maria, Maya, and Fujiko are in their base of operations when they're attacked by two clones of Kasumi that have been augmented with the Super Soldier Serum, and are getting beaten pretty badly. Cue their Jeff "Joker" Moreau showing up in a Power Loader Exoskeleton to turn the tide!
  • Sokka "Ant-Man" gets two big moments. First is when he is able to use his ants to hack into Chimera's computers and begin turning the various members of the organization against each other. And then he pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment and rescues Mari and Maria from an alt of Destro who had upgraded himself into a Gero android by shrinking down and then exploding out of him.
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  • Mari and Sokka both deciding to Leave No Man Behind and go save Maria when she's captured by CHIMERA forces. The both of them pull rank as Avengers and tell Misato (a Champion) that not being part of her team, they don't need to listen to her orders to withdraw, even after Maria told them to do so. Mari continues to insist on not leaving Maria behind when she finds her being tortured and Maria tells her to save herself, taking on the aforementioned Alternate of Destro instead.
  • Stingray Security Services (Stingray Industries' private army) gets one by managing to Hold the Line against a full-on attack from CHIMERA forces aiming for the company's Chicago headquarters (and Stronghold, the headquarters of the Chicago Champions, that is within the campus) long enough for the Champions to take care of the infiltrators amongst their ranks and pull a Big Damn Heroes of their own. Although the campus is severely damaged and many people are injured or killed (Mari gets flashbacks to World War II documentaries when she sees the full extent of the destruction), the result is that Stronghold becomes the only superhero team headquarters uncaptured by CHIMERA during their first strike.
  • Mari "Captain America" Makinami gets several awesome moments throughout the story.
    • For starters (although it's not as "awesome", if you ask her), the story makes it clear that she's virtually the only Avenger who managed to escape CHIMERA's forces laying siege to an Avengers' base.
    • We see her holding her own against a Mercenary Tao who's been upgraded into a Gero android, in spite being nowhere near DBZ levels of power.
    • She manages to shrug off a White Martian's psychic attack and retrieve one of the experiments being developed at her Mansion, which becomes a very important Chekhov's Gun at the climax.
    • During the battle for Washington, she rips through plenty of the enemy, using high-level techniques such as the Kaio-ken in multiples of twenty and twenty-five, and blinds a cybernetic version of Captain Nazi who made the mistake of underestimating her (he derided her as a "fake" Captain America that he would kill as "practice" in his road to take out President Steve Rogers. Big mistake).
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    • And when Maria "Captain America" Vincennes is captured during the climactic raid on CHIMERA's HQ, Mari disregards orders to pull out and goes in to save her, pulling a Big Damn Heroes just as Maria was about to be tortured.

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