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  • Dr Mears has just realized she's been infected and may die a slow, painful death. What does she do? Curl up in a ball and give up? Nope, she grabs a phone and starts making a list of all the people who have been in her hotel room so that they can be isolated. Wow.
  • When Doctor Orantes discovers that a small village of people in Hong Kong were given placebos instead of actual vaccinations, she runs off to help them. It's impossible to say what may come of this, since the movie ends before it's resolved, but considering that they kidnapped her and already weren't trusting the French and American governments to be honest with them (which they weren't), and since she could have just safely gone home, it's still pretty ballsy.
  • Don't forget Dr. Hextall more or less saving the day by taking the big risk of using her untested vaccine on herself and then visiting her ill father.
    • Her father too, as he was a doctor that contracted the disease because he wanted to continue helping treat patients with it.
  • Seeing Krumwiede being arrested by Homeland Security and given a "The Reason You Suck" Speech by French. It's undermined by the fact that he does make bail, but that doesn't mean that he'll get off as easy once the case goes to trial.
  • A meta example: Nine years after the film was made, the cast of Contagion got together for a safety PSA about the dangers of the coronavirus and what you can do to protect yourself from it.


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