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  • During the week in which Jeopardy! was hosting the IBM challenge, they brought in an avatar of Watson to do announcing duties, and Watson immediately started sucking up to Conan. When Andy called him on it, Watson started talking about how his wife prefers him (Watson) in bed— and Andy pulled a baseball bat out from behind his podium and started beating the shit out of Watson. Sparks were flying and everything, while the crowd chanted "ANDY! ANDY!"
    • Watson returned the following day, and this time Andy blasted him with a shotgun.
      • Watson also returned on the third day. Andy then grabbed him, ran to the roof and threw it on to the empty parking lot below. And then it blew up.
        Conan: Why did they pack a computer screen with explosives?
  • Steven Ho's segments. So far on TBS he's cut a watermelon resting on Conan's chest with a katana, attacked Conan with the same katana while blindfolded (teaching Conan to dodge), broken staves on Conan, and had Conan break boards and concrete blocks.
    • A 2014 episode had Conan being stabbed in the chest with a sword by Ho. (Strategically stabbed so that it hit a blood packet, of course.) Conan really hammed it up by screaming as fake blood gushed from his chest, and fell to the floor at one point. His shirt was soaked by the end of it.
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  • Pretty much everything from the week of shows in New York: the hilarious remote sketches, the love from the audiences, Hugh Jackman borrowing a Conan mask from an audience member to make his entrance, the return of Triumph and the Masturbating Bear, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert showing up in the audience for a bit, Andy on a cross-country road trip to make it to New York on time, all culminating in Conan officiating for the gay wedding of his costume designer at the end of Thursday's show.
  • Both Funny and Awesome: The last show of Chicago week featured a segment at Chicago's famous Weiner's Circle. Jack Mcbrayer, traumatized by the vulgar staff, vows to return with a friend. He returns with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who gives it back to the staff to the point that he's allowed to join them behind the counter.
    Triumph: (Almost completely drowned out by applause) This the place?
    (Jack nods)
    Triumph: The people who hurt your feelings?
    (Jack nods again)
    Triumph: Let's f—king do this.
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  • Paramore was supposed to be the musical guest on Conan, but during rehearsal on that same day, Hayley Williams blew her voice out and had to be taken to the hospital, meaning Paramore had to suddenly cancel. What did Conan do? He decided to be his own musical guest, singing and playing guitar with the band. And it was glorious.
  • One for one of Conan's guests: Emmy Rossum told a story from her childhood, of training as an opera singer, and getting free hot dogs from the local deli if she would sing for them. Conan produces a hotdog, Emmy sings an aria which renders Conan and the audience completely speechless. And she got to eat the hot dog.
  • Andy Richter got one when Chelsea Handler stopped by; she asked Conan and Andy if they liked the ocean, and when Andy said he did, she asked if it made him float (an obvious dig at his size.) He took a moment, then said "Sure. What, do you sink? Might be that cast-iron heart." Cue massive audience applause.
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  • On the 10/28/14 episode, drummer James Wormworth wandered off the set and fell into an abandoned mine, leaving the drummer position vacant. Suddenly, the camera cut to Max Weinberg sitting in the audience, who volunteered to fill in for James. Considering it's been upwards of four years since Max last played with the Basic Cable Band, it was quite fun to see the old gang back together.
  • Conan in Cuba, 'nuff said.
  • Conan and Andy were scheduled to have an engagement at the 2015 SDCC, so they decided to make the trip to San Diego with Jimmy Vivino and the band in style... on the Doof Wagon.
  • Every time he's even remotely competent at playing games in the "Clueless Gamer" segments.
  • One for the makeup department. On October 3rd, 2018's episode Conan discussed Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyer's mascot who had gotten a ton of attention for his odd design. Conan brings out Gritty and says he wants to talk to the person in the costume. The audience went quiet, assuming it was a celebrity, only to be met with horror and laughter as the man in the costume to look very similar to Gritty, with patchy red skin, bulging eyes, and slit-like nose. The makeup was utterly amazing and even had a fully working mouth. Many commented that the makeup and mask were better than most movie makeup jobs.


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