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Awesome / Command & Conquer: Renegade

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  • The Ion Cannon. From the moment you activate it a light rain starts up out of nowhere as the atmosphere ionizes, columns of light swirl together over the target, and... BOOM, everyone dies.
  • A cutscene begins with a Nod commander ordering the immolation of several civilians. Needless to say this provokes a very pissed off, "REAL TOUGH GUY!?" from the player Commando who promptly snipes said commander in between the eyes.
  • Of course, this being a game based on the aforementioned Commando, there are tons of lines like that. Paraphrased example:
    Prisoner: "You're going up against an entire enemy ship by yourself?"
    Havoc: "Doesn't seem fair, does it? Maybe I'll shoot left-handed."
  • Earlier in the same level, two Nod soldiers are checking out the submarine int he ship's hold.
    Nod Soldier 1: "Check it out. It's one of those new subs!"
    Nod Soldier 2: "Impressive! Is it armed?"
    Havoc: (hops out out of the sub and shoots both of them in an instant with his pistol) "This one is!"
  • One of the themes is based around Havoc's Catchphrase "I got a present for ya".
  • That catchphrase also formed the startup screen for the N64 port, in which the Commando blows up the N64 logo.
  • Also said by the equally badass Colonel Burton who can literally take a tank on himself, and beat it just by shooting his rifle at it.