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Awesome / Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

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Red Alert 2

  • In the Soviet campaign, charging up the Eiffel Tower with Tesla troopers, turning the entire thing into one big Tesla coil to obliterate the allied forces in the area. It helps to know that the tower's attack is so powerful that it one-shots Construction Yards, buildings that can otherwise take a direct hit from a nuclear missile. No wonder France surrendered!
  • Any time the Desolator opens his mouth.
    "It will be a silent spring!"
    "We will make an oasis of death!"
    "Make it GLOW!"
    "Tagged for extinction!"
    "There goes the neighbourhood"
    • Also the Chrono Legionnaire.
      "Already there!"
      "Never existed!"
  • "Is it done, Yuri?" "No, Comrade Premier... it has only begun."
  • Quickly followed by the game's incredible intro coupled with its Awesome Music.
    • The entire intro cut-scene essentially depicts the opening moments of the invasion, and is one long moment of awesome for the Soviets and the entire premise of the game. It begins ominously with menacing Kirov zeppelins slowly but implacably sailing over the skies of New York and San Francisco, shadows cast over skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty as they advanced into the US mainland. Then, as the "Hell March 2" theme picks up, the air sirens goes off, and out from hundreds of Soviet transport planes Soviet paratroopers descend in a rain of red parachutes. From the seas the Soviet naval fleet fires V4 missiles into US cities while naval transports disgorges Soviet war machines. Beneath the waves a floitilla of Soviet submarines fire off torpedoes, escorted by their giant squids. A large Soviet vehicle formation rumbles across the deserts and plains of Texas and New Mexico at avalanche speeds, their numbers counting from the small Terror Drones to the mighty Apocalypse Tanks. As the Hell March 2 theme climaxes and the vanguard Apocalypse Tank rolls over a billboard saying 'Welcome to Texas' and firing at the screen, you know America is in for a war unlike any other.
  • And the Rhino Tank's epic declaration (a reference to Nikita Khrushchev's famous rant at the United Nations):
    "We will bury them!"

Yuri's Revenge

  • Using the Hollywood Heroes in the Allied L.A. mission. Yuri's punks will not be feeling lucky as you draw first blood and terminate them all.
  • Any time you crush an apocalypse tank with a battle fortress. "Nothing can stop us!" indeed!
  • During the Allied campaign, working security outside the Parliament building in London while the world leaders ratify an anti-Yuri treaty so that the Soviets and Allies can officially join forces. Sounds dull, right? Not exactly. Yuri finds out the location and sends just about everything he's got at you. You then proceed to Hold the Line long enough to let the leaders reach an agreement, facing off against his infantry, gatling tanks, Lasher tanks, Masterminds, and freaking UFOs. He even sends Boomer subs down the Thames! Then you turn the tide and blast his face out of the heart of London.
    • Even better, you get the some help. As soon as the treaty is signed the Soviets hold up their end of the bargain by sending in their navy, including 2 Dreadnoughts, and put them under your control.
  • During the Allied Campaign,Professor Einstein gets captured, AGAIN, and forced to work on improving the effectiveness of Yuri's psychic dominator technology. Pretty much par for the course, right? Until RIGHT before you break though the bases defenses, buildings start exploding apparently at random as Einstein escapes, sabotaging the psychic dominator in the progress. If you leave the Dominator standing then Einstein informs you can use it once before it self-destructs, how convenient that there's a brigade of Lashers in the main base to use it on!
  • The first Soviet mission. Having secured Einstein's Time Machine, they proceed to use it, inadvertently ending up in the Cretaceous Period, whereupon you can recruit a T-Rex to your cause, and who subsequently TYRANNOSAURUS-REKT the enemy base.
    • Brick Joke: It comes up again in the ending; Yuri tries to use it to go back in time and secure his dominance, only for Lt Zofia to hack the guidance system and send Yuri to the Cretaceous, where he promptly gets eaten by another T-Rex.