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  • Despite being Mistaken for Gay and stuck in the shadow of his brother, Deji was still able to hit over 8 million subscribers.
  • How he manages to make a slick comeback to a snarky question in this Q&A.
    Deji: "Why are you a pussy?" I am a pussy because you are what you eat."
    • It's even his Twitter account motto!
  • Deji's got some martial arts skills.
  • Deji's dad Jide is a walking CMOA.
    • In the Cinnamon Challenge video, Deji's dad takes the challenge with absolutely no hassle as his son spits, coughs, and gags all over the place. He even goes out of his way to say that cinnamon was candy back in Africa.
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    • In this video, Jide manages to stay calm after a big Jump Scare that scares the shit out of Deji. He doesn't even flinch, and his facial expression stays the same!
    • His dad knowing a majority of the answers to the Impossible Quiz. And this is (apparently) his first time!
    • Jide disrespecting Deji in "Fighting an Old Man". What makes it better is that Deji knows martial arts and still got curbstomped.
  • In PUNISHMENT FIFA, Deji wins a game 5-1 scoring most of his goals in the first half before his opponent quit.
  • In his "BEST GOAL EVER" video, Deji does a max-power lob from kickoff and scores. You can tell from his utterly shocked reaction that he probably thought that wasn't going on.
  • In his first PO box opening since re-opening it, the first package he opened was of a blue Xbox One! Props to Ashan, who was the one who sent it to him. The note included made the moment a Heartwarming Moment.
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  • Deji's new mansion.
  • In one of his many challenge videos, Deji manages to drink a water bottle in one go, do five kick-ups in high heels, and even hang from his 15-feet high balcony for 10 seconds, all in only four minutes!
  • Deji's diss track on the Sidemen, which shows he's got some snarky lines against them.
  • While he ultimately fell short to Jake's stamina and experience, credit is due to Deji for his first boxing match where he manages to last for four and a half rounds before his team threw the towel after many people thought he wasn't gonna make it in less than that. Especially in the first round where many people thought he got it after giving Jake a bloody nose! Keep in mind, half of it is him being self-trained. Many people even believed that the Deji VS Jake Paul fight should have been the main event rather than the KSI VS Logan Paul fight.

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