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As is the case will all pages detailing Moments of Awesome, Spoilers Off

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    R1: Rebellion 
  • The Battle of Shinjuku is just as awesome as in canon, if not even more so thanks to the arrival of the Autobots. The biggest highlight though has to be the final segment, where we get to see Bumblebee vs the Lancelot!
  • The mission to rescue Suzaku is even cooler:
    • To elaborate, this time around, he doesn't arrive in a car stylized to resemble Clovis's personal vehicle. Instead, he uses Optimus' vehicle mode.
    • And what does he do when Jeremiah demands that Zero remove his mask? Call in the rest of the Autobots, who arrive via Groundbridge and transform while doing so!
    • And finally, when the Purists try to stop them, The Autobots defeat them without killing a single person!
  • One for Megatron and Soundwave in Chapter 7. After the mask-stealing incident, Laserbeak manages to relay the information to Soundwave, who uses the video, a voice clip of Lelouch, and some easy hacking to instantly determine his identity as Zero and his heritage. Megatron then uses some sensible thinking to determine Lelouch's goals, his relation with the Autobots, and how long they've been in contact. Except for learning about his Geass, the two manage to peg everything about Lelouch and his Autobot alliance in less than five minutes.
  • Optimus' duel with Cornelia, a challenge that he personally offered. Although the lauded Goddess of Victory was able to deal Optimus a superficial wound, she was ultimately no match for the battle-hardened commander of the Autobots. Optimus also made Cornelia promise that should he win, she would never again consciously endanger the lives of civilians, regardless of nationality. Despite feeling humiliated by her defeat and insulted by Optimus' refusal to grant her a warrior's death, Cornelia does intend to honor her end of the deal.
  • Chapter 9:
    • Suzaku and Dreadwing working together to take out the Raiko. For their first mission together, they display excellent teamwork.
    • But the crowning moment is perhaps the speech given when the hostages are rescued and returned. Unlike in canon, both Zero and Optimus give a speech broadcast to all of Japan (and the Nemesis), showing the Black Knights aren't subservient to the Autobots, but equals.
      Zero: People of the Earth! Fear us or rally behind us as you see fit! We are the Autobots and the Black Knights!
      Optimus Prime: We of this alliance of Autobots and Black Knights stand with all sentient beings unable to defend themselves; regardless of their nationality! Kusakabe led a faction of the Japan Liberation Front to take multiple Britannian civilians hostage and even threatened to execute them!
      Zero: It was a wanton and meaningless act, and they were therefore punished. But it was not just them. The Decepticons, a faction of sentient alien machines, with the same morals as the Britannian Empire and the true masters of the Empire, used this incident as bait to lure us out in the open with the intent of destroying us and sacrificing the hostages in the process! The Decepticons themselves have yet to be punished, but I promise you, they will receive justice all the same!
      Optimus Prime: Prince Clovis la Britannia as well acted the same when he ordered the execution of the populace of Shinjuku without remorse. We stood up to him as well as the oppressive empire because we will not allow this madness to continue! We will not stand by and allow the weak and innocent to suffer at the hands of the corrupt!
      Zero: We will not repudiate battle on a fair and level field, but neither will we tolerate a one-sided massacre of the weak by the strong! The only ones who should kill are the ones who are prepared to be killed!
      Optimus Prime: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings! We will fight to protect that freedom, no matter the cost! Whosoever will endanger the weak and helpless will face us in battle, and we will do everything in our power to stop you!
      Zero: Those of you with power, fear us! Those of you without it, rally behind us! We, the Black Knights and the Autobots, shall be the ones who stand in judgment of this world!
  • In Chapter 11, Cliffjumper recounts while helping Kallen and her mother pack up (whilst in vehicle mode) and was about to leave the Stadtfeld mansion, Kallen's stepmother attempts to prevent them from leaving, only for Kallen to call her a 'royal bitch' and deliver a right hook to her face!
  • During the Scraplet outbreak, Lelouch in a Knightmare is the one who draws away the pests instead of Bulkhead, risking his life to save the Autobots from getting eaten alive.
  • Kallen, in her Glasgow, managing to hold her own against a Decepticon. And not just any Decepticon, but Airachnid! Of course, the she-Con disassembles the Glasgow after she manages to mess with Kallen's head, but you gotta give Zero's Queen props for holding out as well as she did.
  • Rai shows his piloting chops by holding off Knock Out and Breakdown, then destroying the Energon Harvester (and literally disarming Starscream in the process).
  • Wheeljack's debut in Chapter 14 is even more awesome than in canon as he actually challenges Megatron to a fight! Even though it's clear that Megatron is the more skilled and more powerful of the two, as he keeps Wheeljack on the defensive throughout most of the fight, Wheeljack is still able to hold his own and is even able to get a few scratches in on the Decepticon leader before managing to escape to the Ark.
  • The entirety of the Battle of Narita revision!
  • How about the battle of Port Yokosuka?
    • First off the battle literally starts with a bang, Wrecker-style, courtesy of Wheeljack after the JLF is evacuated from the ship, taking out several Vehicons and Britannian soldiers in the process.
    • Optimus' victory against Suzaku/the Lancelot shows why a millennia of battlefield experience and understanding of conflict wins this fight.
    • Kallen outsmarting Thundercracker and sending him crash-landing in his jet mode!
    • Ironhide single-handily taking out Darlton and Guilford's Gloucesters shows that he's still going strong since the War for Cybertron!
    • Bumblebee's Big Damn Heroes moment when he takes out Viletta to save Shirley and an unconscious Zero/Lelouch.
  • Rai and Bumblebee saving Shirley and Lelouch from Mao in Chapter 19. Rai uses his Geass for the first time in the story on Mao to make him release Shirley, and Bumblebee sends him flying with a backhanded slap, breaking Mao's arm and forcing him to flee.
  • During the battle for the Polarity Gauntlet, alongside Arcee and Bulkhead, Kallen and Rai prove how skilled they've gotten in their Guren and Gekka Knightmares by fighting on par with Breakdown, Suzaku, and Airachnid. And they win, even pulling off a Combination Attack to stop Airachnid from flying off with the gauntlet.
  • Megatron finally putting his figurative (and literal) foot down onto the Seekers and Airachnid and tear down their Chronic Backstabbing Disorders followed by more wailing on their hides. After he's finished, Megatron makes it clear to them that they will learn to work together, and if they again let their actions impede him, themselves, or the Decepticons as a whole, he will terminate them all without distinction. After spending several chapters bearing through their arrogant and condescending natures, it is refreshing to see Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and even Airachnid yielding timorously.
    • Let's give credit to Starscream. When he got captured by the Autobots and Black Knights, he plays them like a fiddle.
    • Credit also has to be given to the Knights of the Round, as they are able to hold their own against the Autobots, Kallen and Rai without having their Knightmares suffering much damage, showing why they're the Emperor's best Knightmare pilots.
  • In Chapter 23, Lelouch completely outplays Mao by having Rai and Suzaku rescue Nunnally and disable his bomb while Shirley gets the Autobots... and having Rai use his Geass to make Lelouch forget said plan, meaning that he had to rely solely on his belief that his friends could finish their mission without his input. It works flawlessly, leaving Mao completely uncomprehending of what happened.
    • This is followed by a battle between Mao (using a hijacked Sutherland) and Autobots Arcee and Cliffjumper. Mao ends up retreating into the Nemesis due to simply being unable to keep up with his opponents. Which leads to...
    • Megatron deciding to hand Mao over to Shockwave for his failures. And just before that, Megatron reveals that he already knows who Zero is and that Mao had far less leverage than he thought he did. After Mao implied that he was going to take C.C., Cornelia, and Euphemia as sex slaves, it is extremely satisfying to see him suffer this way.
    • After driving off Mao, Arcee and Cliffjumper were left in full view of the entire Ashford Academy student body. Shirley (and Kallen soon after) seize the moment to make it appear that the two Autobots had just saved them all from a terrorist threat (which they did technically do). For Shirley, this is a rather impressive display of initiative and ingenuity.
    • C.C. finally severing her ties with Marianne. After seeing just how much of an Evil Matriarch Marianne was in canon, it's quite satisfying to see her take a loss.
  • In Chapter 24, Lelouch and Rai quickly cover up their actions by erasing their and Nunnally's information from the school archives, then Geassing the headmaster into calling all students and staff together, where they then have their memories erased of the three until the investigation ends.
    • Later on in Chapter 24, when Knock Out and Breakdown are about to decapitate Bulkhead to obtain the formula for Synthetic Energon, Rai and Shirley come to Bulkhead's rescue in a monster truck that Rai managed to hotwire. They manage to temporarily trip up Breakdown and even run over Knock Out, doing damage to his paint job while they're at it. While Breakdown manages to crash the truck moments later, it's still brave of them to fight two Decepticons with just a normal monster truck.
      Rai: There's more than one way to wreck a Con than just with a Knightmare.
  • Chapter 25: Megatron and Soundwave (plus Soundwave's Minicons) taking down the Dark Energon monster that had earlier sent Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Airachnid running. Special mention goes to their impeccable teamwork (one of the rare few between Decepticons) and how fearlessly Megatron stared down the creature when they first encounter it. He's not called "The Gladiator of Kaon" for nothing.
  • Chapter 26:
    • Lelouch proves both his analytical and leadership skills in the rescue of Tohdoh. He assigns Kallen, Rai, the Autobots, and the Four Holy Swords to specific targets whom they then defeat:
      • Kallen and Arcee vs. Nonette (and Airachnid)
      • Bulkhead and Rai vs. Breakdown
      • Cliffjumper and Chiba vs. Knock Out and Gino
      • Wheeljack and Urabe vs. Dreadwing and Monica
      • Senba, Asahina and Ironhide vs. Anya, Thundercracker, and Skywarp
      • Meanwhile, Bumblebee alone doesn't do bad at all against Soundwave's Mini-Cons, Optimus and Megatron, as usual, are evenly matched, and Tohdoh alternates between fighting Suzaku and Starscream.
    • Megatron meanwhile purposely lets Soundwave broadcast the entire battle in order to get a reaction out of Charles or V.V.
  • Chapter 27:
    • In a way, Ironhide putting his foot down about the conditions for Suzaku supposedly joining their ranks. Even though he trusts Optimus and Lelouch with his life and would do anything for them, he still makes it clear that Suzaku's Never My Fault attitude is unacceptable, and that the only way the old Autobot would accept the boy as a comrade is if he admits his mistakes.
      • Later, Ironhide makes it crystal clear to Diethard that he's got his eye on the turn-of-the-century Britannian.
      • Shirley for her part makes both compassionate and valid arguments for welcoming Suzaku into the Black Knights. She also suggests bringing Euphemia into the fold, seeing as she is a genuinely sweet person as well as a princess.
    • One for Rakshata: she successfully implements the Immobilizer's technology in the Gefjun Disturber to not only stop Britannia's Knightmares, but also Thundercracker, Skywarp, and Dreadwing in their tracks.
    • Doubling as a moment of funny: Euphemia standing up to Starscream, without any signs of being intimidated. Even Thundercracker and Skywarp were smirking!
  • Chapter 28:
  • In Chapter 29, Soundwave prevents Airachnid from committing a mutiny through controlling the Insecticon Hive by perfecting the sonic frequency that the Insecticons use to communicate with each other. Hardshell is also proven to be immune to Airachnid's influence, refusing to betray Megatron. Soundwave then reminds Airachnid of Megatron's ultimatum from Chapter 22. She's forced to yield, as she knows that she has no chance of taking on Soundwave and winning.
  • Chapter 30:
    • Just when it looks like Suzaku, Dreadwing and the Knights of the Round are done for at the hands of the Chinese Federation's forces, the Autobots and the Black Knights, with Lelouch and Ohgi piloting the Gawain taken from Kamine Island, arrive via Groundbridge to turn the tide.
      • Special credit as well to Ratchet and Rakshata for making the Gawain much more maneuverable than it was in canon. With Lelouch in the pilot's seat, it could maybe stand on equal ground with Optimus or Megatron!
    • For once, Suzaku actually tried something clever: when his death (and Dreawing's) appears inevitable, he tells Euphemia on a supposedly secure line that Lelouch and Nunnally are alive and at Ashford Academy, the very information Megatron was blackmailing him with. That way, Euphie can get them to safety. Sure, he comes out of the fight alive, and Soundwave's too good at his job, but the attempt still impresses Megatron enough that he'll let it slide. For now...
  • In Chapter 31, by mixing the distilled Geass energy from Shockwave's experiments with a shard of Dark Energon, Megatron manages to give himself a Geass. Specifically, the dark Geass of Absolute Terror, which is powerful enough to even work on Cybertronians and Code bearers.
  • Chapter 32:
    • While it was pure evil, Megatron's False Flag Operation succeeded without question.
      • Props to the Autobots and Black Knights for managing to save half the people gathered.
    • Optimus gets to show just how good he is with his new axe, cutting down Vehicons and Britannian soldiers easily. When Bismarck challenges him, the Autobot leader and the Knight of One prove evenly matched. Bismarck even admits to himself that Optimus is the strongest warrior he's ever faced since Marianne, which excites him.
      • Speaking of Marianne, she takes over Anya's body during the massacre and proves to be a match for Bulkhead, who realizes something is strange about Anya's fighting style.
    • While Lelouch still wants to reform Suzaku, even he has limits when the latter continues to blame others for his own shortcomings. So, Lelouch grabs him by the collar and smacks him around all the while pointing out to the boy plain and simple that he is on the wrong side and he should no longer whine like a baby and just accept that fact. He then asks Suzaku to join him so they can save Euphemia and stop Megatron together. Thankfully, it works.
  • Chapter 33:
    • While you got to give Cornelia credit for taking down three Vehicons (with only her Gloucester and no magnesium bullets), it's Megatron that single-handily takes her down with little effort, in a mirror of the former's defeat against Optimus in Saitama.
    • The Black Knights' broadcast to the entire world, where Zero and Optimus reveal the existence of the Decepticons to the entire world, Britannia's hypocrisy, the truth of the SAZ Massacre, and their intention to free Japan from Britannia, is this as well. It may very well top their speech from Chapter 9.
      Zero: Attention, people of the planet Earth! You have been deceived! The Special Administrative Zone of Japan, created by the kindhearted Princess Euphemia, was a genuine attempt to unite the world against a common enemy and end the fighting that has long since plagued our world, spearheaded by the fascist Britannian Empire! And how was she repaid for such an act of selflessness?! She was replaced by a soulless machine in her likeness to start a massacre!
      Optimus: However, this is not the only deception. The Britannian Empire itself, for all its power and strength, is nothing more than a shadow. A facade for an even greater evil: The Decepticons, a faction of autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron.
      Zero: Despite being a mere puppet-empire, Britannia is not innocent in their acts of aggression and even outright genocide! And they must be held accountable for that! Charles zi Britannia, and those who willingly follow him, are the living embodiment of Britannia's hypocrisy! They're seemingly devoted to evolution, yet refuse to change with the rest of the planet! The world wants peace! Euphemia wanted peace! But Charles zi Britannia and the even more vile Decepticons do not! Their massacre of the Special Administrative Zone...their attempt to sully Princess Euphemia's good name is proof enough of that!
      Optimus: This madness must come to an end. We will not allow the atrocities of Britannia and the Decepticons to continue! This is the goal of the Black Knights and the Autobot alliance: to free the planet Earth from this tyranny! Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and we will fight to preserve that freedom from all those who would take that freedom away, regardless of their origin!
      Zero: With that, we hereby declare the independence of Area 11 from Britannian subjugation! However, this is not the resurrection of the old Japan, but the birth of something new; a nation where nobody is oppressed for their gender, race, ideology, or even species! This is the United States of Japan!
      Optimus: This is our declaration to the Britannian government and Decepticon forces occupying this new nation! You are to be exiled from the United States of Japan immediately! Citizens who are of Britannian nationality, and yet support freedom and equality, are welcome to stay; you will not be persecuted or prejudiced against in the USJ. If the Britannian government leaves peacefully, we will respect it and their will be no need for battle. However, if you resist and choose to wage war, the alliance of Black Knights and Autobots will fight you with everything we have, and we will win!
      Zero: You have twenty-four hours to make your peace, Britannia! Declare your surrender and leave the United States of Japan! And for the Decepticons...your time is at an end! You can either leave Earth now and forever, or you will face total destruction!
      Optimus: TILL ALL ARE ONE!
      The Autobots: TILL ALL ARE ONE!
      The Black Knights: TILL ALL ARE ONE!
      • Despite hesitating at first, Suzaku ultimately joins in the chant!
    • Rakshata and Fixit get an awesome moment as well by successfully reverse-engineering the Lancelot's Blaze Luminous Shield system and outfitting the Gawain with it in a short time. The opening shots of the subsequent battle, therefore, have the Gawain No Selling an attack from the Avalon.
    • The chapter ends with the beginning of the Battle of Tokyo, and it literally starts with a bang as Wheeljack and Dreadwing both cause a massive earthquake in the Tokyo Settlement with their explosives to cripple Britannia's forces.
    • It's revealed that the Black Rebellion is what Megatron wanted to happen. He knew that the Black Knights and Autobots would retaliate against the SAZ Massacre by declaring war, and with all of Britannia's strongest forces focused on Area 11, as well as the Autobots and Black Knights, he can go to Pendragon with the Decepticons, invade it, overthrow Charles, and become the new Emperor before anyone in Area 11 is aware of it.
      Megatron: We launch a full-scale assault on Pendragon immediately! And wipe the traitorous Charles zi Britannia and his pathetic empire off the face of the planet!
      • Adding on top of that, the Nemesis is finally repaired, which means Megatron will be bringing his starship into the battle!
  • Chapter 34:
    • The entirety of the Decepticons' invasion of Pendragon. They manage to bring down the Britannian Empire in less than an hour.
    • The invasion starts with a Rousing Speech from Megatron, who also delivers one of his most badass lines in the entire franchise:
      Megatron: Long have we been in hiding, ruling from the shadows! Too long! The Britannian Empire has forgotten its place, believing its false power to be true might! All due to the treachery of Charles Zi Britannia! But that is about to change… no more disguises! No more mercy! The time has come to remind this world... who it's true masters are! DECEPTICONS! TRANSFORM AND RISE UP!
    • Starscream manages to kill Beatrice Franks, the former Knight of Two, by taking advantage of her disbelief of seeing the fall of Britannia.
    • A small one goes to both Thundercracker and Skywarp who put the Britannian Royal Family back in their place.
    • After decimating much of his forces and reducing his Knightmare to a pile of scrap, Megatron unleashes his Dark Geass upon Charles and exposing him as the weak, pathetic coward he really is.
    • It's only after Pendragon has been destroyed that Megatron delivers the coup de grace on his treacherous pupil. All Hail Megatron indeed!
    • Wheeljack sets his ship to ram Jeremiah, ejecting just before it crashes into the Siegfried... while the ship is still airborne.
    • Gino saving Kallen from Luciano, deciding to defect from Britannia.
    • Nonette finally pulls a Heel–Face Turn, choosing to stand with Rai against Dorothea.
    • Optimus and Bismarck clash again, with the latter breaking out his Geass to have a chance against the Autobot leader.
    • Monica choosing to help Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Cecile save the Student Council from the Insecticons.
  • Chapter 35:
  • Chapter 36:
    • When Lloyd's reaction to Lelouch being put in a Dark Geass-induced nightmare that might kill him is to casually suggest they start planning a funeral, Kallen punches him in the face and lays him out flat.
    • C.C. channeling the Matrix of Leadership through Optimus and Nunnally's connections to Lelouch, allowing the three of them to break him free of his nightmare.
    • Ohgi's Rousing Speech, complete with a Precision F-Strike, in response to Megatron's New Era Speech, shows how far he has come since the beginning of the story from an inexperienced soldier to a hardened warrior worthy of being the Black Knights' deputy commander.
      Ohgi: We've built an entire army from nothing before, and we can do it again! I for one am not gonna sit by as Megatron conquers, ruins, and kills countless lives! If I die here, fighting for a cause like this, then it's about a good a cause as any to die for. I know I probably won't be the only one. So, the question is, how do you check out? Do you want it on your feet, or on your goddamn knees, begging?! Even before I became a Black Knight, I never begged! I didn't beg to Britannia, and I sure as hell am not gonna beg to Megatron! He wants our submission?! Well, I say fuck him! Let's fight that monster!
    • Nina gets an awesome moment when she suggests hacking into the Decepticons' communications channel so the Autobots can be able to send out a distress call to any Autobots scattered throughout the galaxy for help. The hacking trick is a success as Optimus is able to send the message by the end of the chapter.
    • Optimus Prime gets a Geass of his own through Cera in order to fight Megatron on even ground.

    R2: Revolution 
  • Chapter 1:
    • Of the villainous variant in The Renewed Revolution, starting with a bang! Devastator and Bruticus single-handedly annihilating the Britannian Navy along with the majority of forces led by the remaining Knights of the Round. Even Dorothea and Bismarck weren't spared from the onslaught!
      • Small props to Bismarck for giving Devastator trouble with his Geass. Too bad Shockwave already outfitted the big guy with a Geass Canceller that deprives the Knight of One of his only advantage.
      • One small moment of triumph for the Britannians during the montage of the 'Cons wiping out their forces — General Schwarzer buys time for Marrybell and the Glinda Knights to escape, then blows his base up to take the attacking Vehicons with him.
    • The Autobots and Black Knights making their triumphant return by assaulting the Fuji mines, freeing the humans the Decepticons were using as slave labor, and then destroying the entire mountain rather than let the Decepticons get any more use out of it (after stealing an Energon shipment for good measure).
      Tamaki: The Black Knights are back, bitches!
      • Lelouch now has total control of his Geass, able to use it at full power yet still able to turn it off at will. Oh, and now it's capable of affecting Cybertronians now.
      • Optimus demonstrates the power of his own, the Prime Geass of Absolute Conviction. It allows him to reignite the hope of others through his words, notably without imposing any sort of control over them. Those affected only have their spirit raised and retain full control and knowledge of their own actions - which is the natural counter to Megatron's Dark Geass and a big spit in the eye to Megatron and Britannia's Social Darwinist beliefs.
      • Lelouch, Kallen, Suzaku, Rai, and Ohgi are all equipped with brand-new Knightmares; the Shinkiro, the Guren of Eight Elements, the Lancelot Albion, the Raiden of Seven Elements, and the Gawain Nerion, respectively. And one can safely say there is no other Knightmare quite like these five because they've each been made with a Cybertronian protoform from the Harbinger.
      • All of the new Autobots get moments to shine during the attack. Highlights include Ultra Magnus destroying four Vehicons with one swing of his Energon hammer, Prowl showing off his ninja skills with Strongarm providing cover-fire, Hot Shot taking down a Destroyer by himself, Chromia displaying her sniper skills, and the Aerialbots' assault on the Energon transport with Ohgi and Wizard.
    • Zero and Optimus' Rousing Speech to the world, calling on humanity to unite and rise up against the Decepticons. The best part being Megatron's reaction to seeing that Lelouch is still alive — for once, old Buckethead is caught completely off guard.
      Zero: I am... Zero! [...] People of Earth... we have returned! [...] Hear us, Decepticons! All those of you who have power, heed our words carefully! We are burdened by sorrow! War and discrimination! Malicious deeds carried out by the strong... Britannia may be gone, but the world has not changed! The people still suffer! That is why the resurrection of the revolution is necessary!
      Optimus: The Autobots and the Black Knights live! During our absence, our forces have grown! We apologize for not being there as the Decepticons have shaken this world to its core, but now we are ready to face them! the strong will no longer oppress the weak! It begins today, with the liberation of the United States of Japan!
      Zero: We shall fight against all those who abuse their power!
      Optimus: Once again, here and now, we hereby declare war on the Decepticon regime that wrongfully and unjustly defies this planet!
      Zero: We now direct this message to the leader of the Decepticons himself, Megatron himself! You can torture us, bomb us, threaten to burn our homes and nations to the ground, but you will not break the will of humanity! Our army will continue to grow, and we will not stop till your forces either leave this planet now and forever or are brought down by our blade!
      Optimus: To the people of Earth who are oppressed, and who also wish to take a stand, we invite you to join us, to join the Autobot-Black Knight Alliance, and fight for the freedom of all sentient beings! Whatever differences in race, gender, ideology, even species no longer matter once you are a part of this coalition, your only requirement is to fight for what is just!
  • Chapter 2:
    • Suzaku using the new Lancelot's Cybertronian jet alt-mode to swipe the Spark Extractor out of Megatron's hands mid-Groundbridge.
    • Lelouch has improved drastically as a Knightmare pilot, even considering the upgraded tech in things.
    • Orpheus fooling Steeljaw and his "pack" by using his Geass to impersonate Megatron, allowing the others to sneak in and rescue Kallen, Arcee, and Strongarm.
    • Optimus would have managed to get through to Anya if Marianne hadn't intervened.
    • Kallen and Suzaku's Combination Attack sending the pack running.
  • Chapter 3:
    • The Wreckers, Aerialbots, and Black Dragon get to square off against Squadron X, the Seekers, and Combaticons respectively, with both sides being pretty evenly matched.
      • Tohdoh also manages to acquire the grudging respect of Onslaught in their duel. The Miracle Worker of the Japanese Armed Forces now has two Decepticon commanders for rivals.
    • Fed up with Lloyd, Rakshata, and Fixit squabbling, Nunnally comes up with a successful plan to get them to work properly together.
    • Jetstorm and Safeguard capturing the shield generator relic for the Autobots.
  • Chapter 4:
    • The Autobots and Black Knights fighting the Terrorcons, Dark Knights, Dark Pawns, and Headmaster units.
    • Rai getting some catharsis by electrocuting V.V.'s Knightmare and frying the bastard. Then, for good measure, Bulkhead smashes it, and Nonette blows up what's left, either delaying V.V.'s resurrection or outright killing him again (depending on whether he'd come back already).
    • Lelouch comes up with a plan that has Megatron on the ropes, keeping him at range and making his split his focus between avoiding their attacks and keeping control of his Dark Pawns. If Megatron hadn't brought out the "Dark Queen", he might have beaten the Decepticon leader right there.
    • With Optimus' Geass aiding her, Anya is actually able to fight Marianne's control.
  • Chapter 5:
    • The entire battle by the Autobots and Black Knights to defend the Ark, guided by Lelouch using a device called an "Omniglobe" to keep track of everything.
      • Optimus not only countering Megatron's Dark Geass with his own but having a counter to his every verbal jab, including his attempts to drive a wedge between him and Cera.
      • Sayoko helps fight against a Decepticon Mini-Con team trying to sabotage the Ark... sans a Knightmare. And they win. Bonus points for Sayoko as she manages to kill Frenzy. Even Rivalz, Milly, and Shirley aid in the fight by using turrets.
      • Rai manages to short out the Dark Tristan and save Gino instead of killing him.
      • In the end, the Nemesis ends up where the Ark was on the ocean floor and is further damaged by lava. Megatron has a minor Villainous Breakdown when he realizes that Lelouch was the one who organized the battle and handed him his first major defeat since arriving on Earth.

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