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  • The way the characters get by Scissorman if you decide to sacrifice one of their two points of strength:
    • Jennifer pushes him over while he flails like a turtle on his backside.
    • Helen goes for a Groin Attack.
    • Nolan and Gotts shove his scissors aside and punch him in the face.
  • Though all the characters you play as fit it to some extent, nobody fits the role of The Determinator more than Jennifer. Despite being a sweet girl who comes off as a little shy yet plagued with PTSD, she's clearly got it in her to survive Scissorman's attacks a second time. Whether she does so or not depends on the ending.
    • In fact, her A ending is nothing short of badass. After using the door spell, she is clinging to the railing of the bridge with Scissorman clinging to her leg as both are being pulled towards the vortex. Jennifer then lets go long enough to take the dagger she found and stab Scissorman in the face to make him let go while still holding on with only one hand. And sure enough, she survives!

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