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  • At the 2006 Cannes movie festival. The same people who were cold/unimpressed by buzzed-about movies The Da Vinci Code and Marie Antoinette gave Clerks 2 an 8-minute standing ovation!
    • Cannes veteran Harvey Weinstein (pre-scandal) said it was the longest ovation for a midnight Cannes showing he had ever seen.
  • The entire ending scene in the jail cell. As with the previous movie, it ends with Dante and Randal volleying "reason you suck" speeches at one another, but unlike the last time, Dante actually manages to back Randal into a corner by proving that, unlike Dante, he's not even trying to act his age and be a responsible adult. But when Randal finally throws down the gauntlet, he's got something to say.
    "I'D BUY THE QUICK STOP AND REOPEN IT MYSELF! That's what I'd do. That's what we should do."
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  • Randal giving an uncompromisingly biting (and, for some, highly accurate) critique of The Lord of the Rings movies. Not only does Randal keep his cool for the entirety of his dialogue, despite a tough-looking Rings fanboy threatening him to his face to shut up, but it ends up being so cruel that said fanboy throws up in defeat!

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