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Awesome / Cleopatra

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  • Cleopatra's entry into Rome. One of the most awesome scenes in movies ever.
    • The Italian extras clearly thought so as well, for they started cheering and calling Elizabeth Taylor's name in the middle of filming it.
  • Julius Caesar's arrival in Alexandria. Instead of having his soldiers fight their way through a crowded marketplace and causing a riot as the young pharaoh Ptolemy's advisers were hoping, he tells his men to follow his lead as he leisurely shops his their way through!
    Ptolemy: (to Pothinus)You said the Romans were going to push the people back and make them angry! Why aren't they doing what you said they'd do?
    General Achillas: Your king has asked you a question Lord Chamberlain.
    Pothinus: The Romans have degenerative minds your most high majesty. They the unexpected.
    Achillas: Particularly one Roman. Master of the unexpected!


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