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  • Someone by the name of Lycerius has been playing a Civ II game (known as The Eternal War) for ten years. The result of said ten years? A Grade A Crapsack World. A three-way power struggle between super powers fighting for resources and the front lines have not changed in 1,000 years. Places are nuked again and again just as radiation starts to disappear and people are dying by the droves. Yet the player's dedication is incredible. On a brighter note, Vikings with nukes are pretty awesome once you get past how depressing that world is. Lycerius has been getting hundreds of responses and suggestions on how to end the war that has been going on for thousands of years and he has plans to try to stop it and get to clean up.
    "What happened to you, Lycerius? We trusted you!"
  • Try out your favorite utter failure of a tactic: From attacking Russia on land to a war on two fronts, your skill and the difficulty level can mean the difference between perfect reenactment and massive success.
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  • Beating another Civ at their own game: snatching Wonders from underneath Egypt's nose, taking your armies to Berlin and wiping Bismarck off the map, all have a glorious sense of irony along with the triumph.
  • Some of the mods for Civ V are pretty cool, especially the fanmade Civilizations you can play as. They actually made a Madoka Pack. And yes, it includes Rebellion, meaning you can play as Nagisa Momoe and create a glorious cheese-based empire, or perhaps play as Akuma Homura, building a utopia of comfort on the backs of Incubator slaves.
  • This line from if you capture England in Civilization VI.
    "This severe and affiliating loss will not be sustained, and England, thank providence, will ascend again."
  • From VI: Sean Bean - a.k.a. Richard Sharpe - surely counts as a Shout-Out with this line:
    "Worry not over the possibility of defeat for your loyal redcoats and overwhelming navy will surely carry the day."
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  • In a meta-related example, as mentioned on the main page, Civ 4 becoming the first video game to win a Grammy for "Baba Yetu". Granted, it's a part of the "Videogames Live" tour as opposed to from the game itself, but still, it's a huge step towards the Grammies recognizing video game music.
  • In the VI expansion Rise and Fall, Golden Ages have been reworked, such that your achievements in each era decide whether your civ falls into a Dark Age or a Golden Age. Well, what happens if you jump from a Dark Age straight into a Golden Age? You've not only come back from what was likely your civ's Darkest Hour, you've come out of it stronger and more triumphant than ever, entering a Heroic Age that allows you to choose three of the four available dedications instead of just one. The achievement for scoring one, appropriately enough, quotes Napoléon Bonaparte with "victory belongs to the most persevering".


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