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  • Chapter 16: The battle against the adult Midgar Zolom. To clarify, it and its spawn had been chasing after the group through the marshes relentlessly until it cornered them and scared off the Chocobos they were on. The group, consisting of Cloud, Crimson, Red XIII, Aerith, and Tifa had to deal with the giant snake that relentlessly harassed them.
    • Red XIII gained his second Limit Break and used it to increase everyone's speed so they weren't hindered by the water, before Taking the Bullet from its Beta spell.
    • Crimson giving it a case of Eye Scream with her Rekka.
    • Tifa froze it solid with an Ice 2 spell.
    • Cloud carved it down the center, delivering the finishing strike, and then making sure it stays down.
    • Even Mog got a chance to shine helping them out to stop it from drowning Cloud and then retrieving the Chocobos that ran off.
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  • Chapter 20: Rufus dropped a shipping container on Sephiroth.
  • Chapter 21: The battle against Jenova's spawn, culminating in Shiva's first use of Diamond Dust.
    The moisture in the air around Jenova's spawn instant crystallized into a shell of ice that rapidly thickened, until it became a tomb. The abomination writhed as the invasive frost glacially froze it inside out, rupturing the cells within. Then it went still as the ice finished invading its body entirely. Shiva snapped her fingers. The ice and Jenova's spawn shattered into pieces that broke apart over and over. Soon all that was left were glittering motes—like diamonds turned to dust.
  • Chapter 36: The battle against the Lost Number, which had just decimated Odin and Ramuh.
    • Yuffie manages to distract it while the others recover from a blow and then force it into changing modes before poisoning it.
    • Crimson hits it with a Bolt 3 spell hard enough to send it flying before it could kill Cloud after he stopped a blow meant for Aerith.
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    • Aerith's Seal Evil stopping it in its tracks long enough for...
    • Cloud's Sword Beam to utterly disintegrated it.
  • Chapter 43: Yuffie's determination to beat her father so that the others can press on with their mission results in her learning her Landscaper Limit Break and using it to knock him, while in his Omega form, straight from the top of the pagoda to the bottom.
  • Chapter 55-56: Sephiroth has arrived at the Temple of Ancients to claim the Black Materia. He's immediately bombarded with spells while Aerith shields the party from his retaliation. Cloud manages to even fire a Sword Beam and cuts off his arm, revealing that it was Jenova.
    • When Jenova-LIFE wakes up, the party then proceeds to gang up on it long enough for Aerith to unleash Bahamut, who proceeds to nuke the entire location with Mega Flare.
  • Chapter 71: The group splits up to deal with Heidegger and Hojo. The latter proceeds to summon copies of Jenova's spawns to aid him, leaving Vincent, Aerith, Tifa, Nanaki, and Yuffie to go against the three to reclaim the Protomateria. In the bombardment of attacks, Yuffie slips behind Hojo unscathed and manages to cut him in half.

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