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Cirque du Soleil shows can be seen as just stringing together many awesome moments, but particular examples include:

  • Russian Swing in Saltimbanco
  • Brian Le Petit's whole setpiece with the crate in Mystere is a marvel — Le Petit is arguably Crazy Awesome period — but if it could be boiled down to one moment, it would be after he's been told by the emcee to leave. Alone on stage, he quietly pulls out his handkerchief and drapes it over one hand, makes a magical gesture with the other, and pulls the cloth away to reveal... his middle finger, as his reply to the emcee. The emcee returns to toss him out of the show entirely, so this is the last time the audience sees Brian. Yes, even a clown act can have a moment of defiant, funny awesomeness.
    • Any moment with Moha-Samedi, period. He even walks up a hand-rail.
    • And the Taiko drums.
  • Russian Bars in Alegria
  • Banquine in Quidam (also, in both this and Alegria, the closing scenes)
  • The curtain going up in "O", as well as the man in the chair reading the newspaper who is on fire for about five minutes and the Russian Swings segment (if you thought it was awesome in Saltimbanco...)
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  • Power Track in La Nouba
  • Skipping Ropes in Dralion
    • And in Quidam, but if it had to be boiled down to one part, it would be where the music slows down to a melancholy, Italian themed aria, and the group walks around in a circle while taking turns to jump the rope in front of them. It sounds silly, but it's just so awesome.
  • Zumanity, for two scenes:
    • The water bowl. The two girls swimming while relaxing music plays, and a passionate kiss is shared at the end.
    • The TV dance. Tits? Check. Hot guys shirtless wearing short shorts doing extremely sick choreography? Check. A hot girl doing a sexy pole dance? Check. The background turning into a "window wall" of sorts while the cast come out and dance along the edges? Check. Is there such thing as a CMOA jackpot?
      • Edie is worth a mention too- "she" is Crazy Awesome in equal parts, but the best scene without a doubt is when she pulls people up from the audience and forces them to hump people for the big orgy.
  • The final sequence in KA, culminating with a giant fireworks display set to the reprise of "Pageant"
    • Bouncing Beds in Corteo
  • "Lady Madonna" in LOVE
  • Teeterboard in KOOZA
  • Is it Scary in Michael Jackson, The Immortal Tour. That contortionist is just... wow.
  • All of Amaluna is a big, long, CMOA. However, particular examples include:
    • The unicycles
    • The water meteor and Icarian games
    • The aerial hoop
    • The waterbowl and hand balancing (even better than Zumanity)
    • Uneven bars
    • Teeterboard. If you thought it was awesome in Kooza, the artists BOUNCE OFF A WALL.
    • The Chinese pole. It helps that Edouard Doye is extremely sexy as well.
    • The aerial straps
    • Juggling. With fire.
    • the finale, especially when the audience claps along to the thunderous theme tune.
  • All of Toruk: the First Flight, a prequel story of sorts to James Cameron's Avatar. Not only does the story perfectly fit into the canon, some awesome moments in particular include:
    • The entire soundtrack.
    • Parts of the stage change elevation!
    • The Na'vi climbing on the skeleton used to observe the stars
    • The lighting being used at one point to make it look like water is forming into a river and the Na'vi are crossing it in a boat
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    • The appearance of the Toruk itself


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