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  • Doug works at a shelter for children and one winter holiday, he asks Arthur if he can be Santa to the children. He accepts and when Arthur dresses up as Santa, he give presents to all the little children. He cheers up all the children and they all had a great time with him being Santa.
  • Carter Allen hosts a meeting with the Kinsey Circle neighborhood and refuses to invite Paulie and the residents of 6 Kinsey Circle. Mrs. Nussbaum asks why he didn't invite them and he says he isn't comfortable with them around. Mrs. Nussbaum then tears him a new one by saying his complaints are petty and asinine, and that they have done nothing but good to the neighborhood. Carter's wife even explains that Paulie actually paid for Carter's back injuries one time. He finally makes amends with Douglas and laments the loss of Paulie.
  • Jason sticking up for his gay fathers against the bullies at his school who make fun of him and his dads. He gets in fights and even though the school doesn't support him because of his situation, the girl he likes, Becky, hears about him defending his fathers and she supports Jason and ends up going to the school dance with him.
  • Jason wanting to start a Gay-Straight Alliance at his high school but the staff refused and when he has a conference with his fathers and the principal, they all talk it out. The principal is worried that students and staff will give them a hard time, but Paulie looked up laws online and countered that schools cannot deny them that right. The alliance was able to form and even though some were opposed, Jason made himself and his fathers proud that he accomplished such a feat. Jason was even able to hold a school dance in the gym where everyone had a great time.
  • In the final book/issue, Doug and Arthur beating the crap out of an armed robber. No one wonder Jason later retold that event to the kids he was babysitting, with them as knights no less.
  • Paul Mayhew. An honest-to-good gentleman who helped make the world a better place. He may have inherited a ton of money, but he never spent it on himself and instead used it charitably. He held off on rent until the renter could pay for it and refused to rent out a room even when that person was having trouble making the money because he treated those who lived with him as his own family. He donated to charities and was always willing to lend money to those in need, even his enemies like Carter Allen when he paid for his hospital bills. He made many friends and family and as a result, had many followers and supporters there to praise him and mourn when his fateful death arrived. They learned from his example and Paulie's family became closer than ever and slowly but surely, the world was becoming a much better and brighter place.