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Awesome / Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

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  • Cinderella vowing to fight for her dreams in "So Much More Than A Dream".
  • The Prince and King's little sparring match near the beginning.
  • Cinderella in general. She was finally able to fight for her dreams and to stand against her evil stepmother.
  • Cinderella does a backflip off of a moving carriage and then proceeds to crash a wedding - the same wedding she is supposed to be attending!
  • Cinderella's Armor-Piercing Question to Anastasia, too. With one single question, she manages to defy the other's whole point of view.
    Cinderella: The Prince won't be fooled!
    Lady Tremaine: The Prince will never know. And he'll be perfectly happy.
    Cinderella: But will you, Anastasia? Will you be happy?
    Anastasia: I... I want what you had...
    Cinderella: But do you even love him?
    Anastasia: ...I...
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  • Prince Charming's moment, crossing into Funny Moments:
    (beat as his eyes clearly look at the open window on his left)
    Prince Charming: Okay. (jumps out the window)
  • Prince Charming does it again by turning a moment of funny (getting thrown by his horse out of a window) into sliding down a rope and safely onto the ship.
  • Anastasia refusing to marry the Prince.
  • The look on Prince Charming's face when Lady Tramaine reveals herself and starts running her mouth off at Anastasia for ruining her plans. Death Glare does not begin to cover it!
  • In a meta sense, arguably how Disney handled Prince Charming. A major complaint in the first movie was that he had no personality other than generic Nice Guy. Here he's a funny, cheeky Badass who actually does stuff. Good job, Disney.
    • Cinderella can be here too as she went from a passive girl who meekly followed orders to an Action Girl who punches out of pumpkin carriages and then backflips off of them! She even later tries to stand up for Anastasia when Lady Tremaine finally unveils her true colours towards her.
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    • Hell, the entire movie could be considered this for being one of the few Disney sequels that's not just good, but considered even better than what came before it.