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  • Jem Russell rescuing Joey Bettany, Grizel Cochrane and Madge Bettany from a train crash in The School at the Chalet. One book later, he and Madge are engaged.
  • Joey tracking Elisaveta down, with the help of Rufus, after Prince Cosimo and Ternikai kidnap her in Princess, and both girls escaping right under Ternikai's nose, thanks to Joey's knowledge of the area. This makes her a national hero in Belsornia. Elisaveta's grandfather, the King of Belsornia, even comes to the school's summer garden party just to thank Joey in person. Elisaveta also deserves a mention for using the woodcraft signs she learned in Guides to help Joey find her.
  • Grizel gets one in Head Girl when she and Joey go to the caves to rescue Robin, with the help of Joey's Big Friendly Dog Rufus. Robin has been kidnapped by a crazy old man who claims he can take her to see the fairies. While Joey deals with Robin, Grizel distracts the old man by telling him that Robin, who he thinks is the queen of the fairies, needs to be dressed in a manner fitting for a queen, and that it is the wrong time of year for her to come to the caves as the fairies are asleep. It might not seem much, but bear in mind that it's coming from Grizel, who Joey describes as having 'the imagination of a cheese'. She also manages to get Joey to safety and encourages her to carry on when Joey becomes too exhausted to move, while Robin rides away on Rufus' back. It's as though she's repaying Joey's rescue mission from three books earlier.
  • In The Chalet School and the Lintons, Thekla von Stift becomes a Psycho Supporter to Gillian Linton's Annoying Younger Sibling Joyce. She doesn't take kindly to Joyce befriending Joey and drags Joyce out of bed after curfew, warning her to stay away from Joey (and hoping to get Joyce into trouble to get at Joey). Joyce is furious and tells her to shove it, and when Thekla later lies in an attempt to get herself out of trouble, Joyce breaks away from her for good. She also takes a level in kindness, although she's still overly dependent on Gillian even as an adult.
  • After a few attempts - one of which was rubbished by Matey - Joey gets her first book, Cecily Holds the Fort, published in Jo Returns to the Chalet School, and receives £35 (which was a lot of money in those days). Both Madge and Jem are extremely proud of her, and Joey herself can't quite believe it. She uses some of her earnings to buy presents for herself and family members, but gives most of it to Vater Stefan, a local priest, so he can take the poor kids in his parish on a summer outing. The rest of the school pitches in to help, with the girls sending boxes of toys and Evadne Lannis and Cornelia Flower's rich dads sending money to give them fuel over the winter, among other things. Vater Stefan is overwhelmed with gratitude and comes to the school to thank them, and the girls promise to perform that year's Christmas play, 'The Bells of Christmas', for him and the locals after the Christmas break.
  • In The Chalet School in Exile, the Nazis occupy the Tyrol, and the German and Austrian girls are forced to leave. The girls respond to this by forming the Chalet School Peace League and vowing to promote peace in their own countries.
    • In the same book, the goings-on in Spärtz. Miss Wilson, Joey and a group of younger girls see some Nazi thugs attacking Herr Goldmann, an old Jewish man who Joey knows. Robin immediately rushes to help him, and Joey follows, yelling at the men to leave Herr Goldmann alone. Miss Wilson realises that the girls are going to be in serious trouble and manages to get them away from the crowds and into a church, where the priest shows them a secret passageway behind the altar. Miss Wilson then has a Badass Teacher moment where she leads the girls to safety through the passage.
    • Cornelia Flower, Violet Allison and Maria Marani taking several levels in badass when they rescue a man from a burning plane, injuring themselves in the process.
    • Frieda Mensch, Bruno von Ahlen, Friedel von Gluck and Rufus all being reunited with Joey.

  • In The Highland Twins at the Chalet School, Fiona McDonald using her psychic powers to find out that Jack Maynard is alive.
  • In Lavender Laughs at the Chalet School, Lavender's ditzy Aunt Sylvia simpers about how Lavender must be sheltered from any news about the war, since she's a 'sensitive plant' and it might upset her. Miss Wilson is, understandably, really angry - especially what you consider what she went through in Exile - and lays a verbal smackdown on Aunt Sylvia about the harsh realities of the war, and how children Lavender's age and younger are having to live with it, and it is glorious.
  • Gay Lambert running away from school in Gay from China, after Miss Bubb punishes her by forbidding her from seeing her brother for one last time before he's sent out to China. Even if she does bring German measles into the school after coming back.
  • The death of Mary-Lou's father in Three Go is both this and a Tear Jerker, because of how he died; a Heroic Sacrifice. He was on an expedition in Brazil when the party was attacked by Amazonian Indians, and although he could have escaped, he chose to go back to protect his friends and died doing so. Although Mary-Lou didn't know her dad that well, she's proud to have a hero for a father.

     St Briavel's 
  • Annis Lovell's dad, who was previously MIA, returning in The Chalet School and the Island and tearing strips off her evil aunt, Mrs Bain, for her cruel treatment of Annis when she was supposed to be looking after her (and as it turns out, she was embezzling Annis' money as well). Not to mention that Joey was in the room at the time and heard everything, and she gets to give Mrs Bain "The Reason You Suck" Speech as well.
  • Carola Johnstone gets two in Carola Storms the Chalet School. Firstly, she rescues a young Norwegian girl from drowning at Bosherston Lily Ponds. Secondly, later on after the school fete, Grizel Cochrane is smoking and carelessly discards her cigarette, accidentally setting Len Maynard's paper outfit on fire. Carola beats out the flames with her bare hands.
  • How does Blossom Willoughby react when Jennifer Penrose locks her in the art room? She smashes the window with a bust, a stool and one of her shoes, and climbs out that way. Miss Annersley is horrified when she finds out. Meanwhile, Kat Gordon comes on as a sub after Nita Eltringham is injured, as all the other subs (one of whom is Blossom) are unavailable, and wins the match for the Chalet School, so she gets her own awesome moment too.
  • Miss Dene gets one in Shocks for the Chalet School. Emerence Hope uses the front stairs, which are off-limits to most of the pupils, and refuses to go back up and come down the right flight. Miss Dene responds by fetching a chair and refusing to leave or let Emerence go until she apologises and uses the right stairs...and eventually, Emerence cracks. Beware the Quiet Ones, indeed.

  • In The Chalet School Does it Again, Prunella Davidson - who had previously got the other girls' backs up by pretending to be extremely prim and proper - shows her true personality when she dives into Lake Lucerne to save Margot, who's accidentally fallen in during a game of tag. Joey comes to visit her in hospital to thank her and after she gives Prunella a pep talk, Prunella drops the act and begins talking and behaving like a normal teenage girl.
  • Jo Scott rescuing Emerence Hope when Emerence trips and nearly falls off a cliff while gathering moss in Kenya. Jo grabs Emerence's ankle and holds on for dear life, even though her arms are in agony. Miss Dene and Mary-Lou help her by grabbing Emerence's legs, Miss Wilmot lassos Emerence with Mary-Lou's Guide cord and between them, they drag her to safety. Jo subsequently gets a medal for her bravery.
  • Nina Rutherford writing her first composition, 'Welcome to Cecily', in honour of Joey's new baby daughter. She writes a second composition, setting words by Robert Herrick to music, and unwittingly leaves it on the form room floor. Mary-Lou finds it and submits it to the school magazine, and the form insist Nina play it to them, with Verity singing. Mary-Lou wonders if she did the right thing, but Nina is delighted as she wouldn't have had the nerve to send it in herself.
  • Nina going into Heroic Safe Mode in Excitements when she has to fill in for Mr Denny and conduct the orchestra during a pantomime, and a fire breaks out (started by a teenage handyman leaving a cigarette lying around). She urges them to keep playing to calm everyone down, and Joey helps out by singing along.
  • Joey, Simone, Frieda and Marie all going on a trip to the Tiernsee with a group of older girls in Coming of Age - including Sybil Russell, who was born there - and meeting old friends and seeing familiar sights. Also both a Tear Jerker and a heartwarming moment as Eigen, Marie Pfeiffen's little brother and a former school odd-job boy, is implied to have suffered heavily as a result of the war and the occupation of Austria (Truth in Television as Austria did suffer food shortages).
  • Joan Baker gets a moment in The Chalet School and Richenda when she helps smaller girls cross a flooded bridge, against a very strong current. Miss Wilmot also goes back and forth several times, putting herself at risk to get the girls across.
    • Professor Fry writes to the school asking that Richenda be made to spend her entire half-term working, even when it's pointed out to him that both teachers and domestic staff will be away. The staff and Joey's response is basically 'fuck that' (not least because it goes against school policy) and Joey, despite being ill, lets Richenda spend half-term with her and the triplets before she and Jack fly out to England. She even gives Richenda money to spend. When Richenda's work drops off because she's worried about spending her half-term doing prep, Miss Ferrars makes it clear that she'll be doing nothing of the kind. Joey also gives Richenda a pep talk and helps her understand that her unfriendly letters are just pissing her dad off (and, unbeknown to Richenda, she has words with Professor Fry in England too).
  • When the girls are forced to take shelter in a mountain hut during an avalanche in Trials for the Chalet School, Verity-Ann Carey - who's tiny and frail and tires easily - offers to climb in and out of the window to get snow to melt down for water. Being a Determinator, she keeps doing it until the teachers and Mary-Lou have to order her to stop.
  • Jane Carew getting to show off her acting skills in The Little Germaine, the Fifth Form's play, in Jane and the Chalet School. Tina Harms, the original actress who was playing the title character, has to drop out due to illness. As Jane is small and has blonde hair, and is the daughter of actors, the Fifth Formers ask her to be the replacement. Not only is she a far better actress than Tina, but she also draws on her knowledge of stage directions and scriptwriting to help the writers improve the play and cut down its running time. Although Joey thinks the play is a bit corny, she sees a brilliant future for Jane in theatre.
  • Con, the Un Favorite of the Maynard triplets, gets one in Triplets when she's in a similar situation to Jane. She's called to play the Fairy Queen in St Mildred's pantomime, 'Beauty and the Beast', at short notice when the original actress has to fly home to England after her parents are injured in a car crash. And despite some initial nerves and the girl playing the Prince complaining about her acting skills, she pulls it off.
  • Robin's Big Damn Heroes moment at the beginning of Adrienne and the Chalet School, when she and a fellow nun rescue Adrienne Desmoines from a tiny flat run by a dodgy landlady, who turns out to be known to the police. The landlady tries to cheat Adrienne out of her money and threatens to go to the town hall and have Adrienne sent to prison, or make Adrienne repay her somehow (many fans believe that it's implied the landlady was going to sell her into prostitution). Robin refuses to back down and pretty much intimidates her into letting Adrienne go.
  • Mary-Lou also gets a Big Damn Heroes moment in Challenge for the Chalet School when she rescues Jocelyn Marvell, who's run away from school and got lost in the snow. She even breaks into an abandoned chalet, makes sure Joyce has something warm to eat and drink and practically drags her back to the school.