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  • Jem Russell rescuing Joey Bettany, Grizel Cochrane and Madge Bettany from a train crash in The School at the Chalet. One book later, he and Madge are engaged.
  • Grizel gets one in Head Girl when she and Joey go to the caves to rescue Robin, with the help of Joey's Big, Friendly Dog Rufus. Robin has been kidnapped by a crazy old man who claims he can take her to see the fairies. While Joey deals with Robin, Grizel distracts the old man by telling him that Robin, who he thinks is the queen of the fairies, needs to be dressed in a manner fitting for a queen, and that it is the wrong time of year for her to come to the caves as the fairies are asleep. It might not seem much, but bear in mind that it's coming from Grizel, who Joey describes as having 'the imagination of a cheese'. She also manages to get Joey to safety and encourages her to carry on when Joey becomes too exhausted to move, while Robin rides away on Rufus' back. It's as though she's repaying Joey's rescue mission from three books earlier.
  • In The Chalet School in Exile, the Nazis occupy the Tyrol, and the German and Austrian girls are forced to leave. The girls respond to this by forming the Chalet School Peace League and vowing to promote peace in their own countries.
    • In the same book, the goings-on in Spärtz. Miss Wilson, Joey and a group of younger girls see some Nazi thugs attacking Herr Goldmann, an old Jewish man who Joey knows. Robin immediately rushes to help him, and Joey follows, yelling at the men to leave Herr Goldmann alone. Miss Wilson realises that the girls are going to be in serious trouble and manages to get them away from the crowds and into a church, where the priest shows them a secret passageway behind the altar. Miss Wilson then has a Badass Teacher moment where she leads the girls to safety through the passage.
    • Cornelia Flower, Violet Allison and Maria Marani taking several levels in badass when they rescue a man from a burning plane, injuring themselves in the process.
    • Frieda Mensch, Bruno von Ahlen, Friedel von Gluck and Rufus all being reunited with Joey.
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  • In The Highland Twins at the Chalet School, Fiona McDonald using her psychic powers to find out that Jack Maynard is alive.
  • In Lavender Laughs at the Chalet School, Lavender's ditzy Aunt Sylvia simpers about how Lavender must be sheltered from any news about the war, since she's a 'sensitive plant' and it might upset her. Miss Wilson is, understandably, really angry - especially what you consider what she went through in Exile - and lays a verbal smackdown on Aunt Sylvia about the harsh realities of the war, and how children Lavender's age and younger are having to live with it, and it is glorious.
  • Gay Lambert running away from school in Gay from China, after Miss Bubb punishes her by forbidding her from seeing her brother for one last time before he's sent out to China. Even if she does bring German measles into the school after coming back.
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  • Carola Johnstone gets two in Carola Storms the Chalet School. Firstly, she rescues a young Swedish girl from drowning at Bosherston Lily Ponds. Secondly, later on after the school fete, Grizel Cochrane is smoking and carelessly discards her cigarette, accidentally setting Len Maynard's paper outfit on fire. Carola beats out the flames with her bare hands.
  • Miss Dene gets one in Shocks for the Chalet School. Emerence Hope uses the front stairs, which are off-limits to most of the pupils, and refuses to go back up and come down the right flight. Miss Dene responds by fetching a chair and refusing to leave or let Emerence go until she apologises and uses the right stairs...and eventually, Emerence cracks. Beware the Quiet Ones, indeed.
  • Con, the Un Favorite of the Maynard triplets, gets one in Triplets when she's called to play the Fairy Queen in St Mildred's pantomime, 'Beauty and the Beast', at short notice when the original actress has to fly home to England after her parents are injured in a car crash. And despite some initial nerves and the girl playing the Prince complaining about her acting skills, she pulls it off.


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