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  • Both games can apply as one big "Holy Shit!" Quotient after the big reveal - you're playing as Dracula.
  • Hacking the files reveals that Dark Lord Soma also has one of these for Hammer: "Kurugaii... ningen me!" (in English: "Come... you damn human!"). Apparently, he didn't have the decency to remember Hammer's name. You can hear him say it, though if you look through Voices in Sound Test.
  • Many of the Souls that Soma dominates gives him awesome powers. Aguni (turning the floor into a wave of fire), Frozen Shade (making giant shards of ice shoot up from the ground), and Gergoth (shooting a massive laser beam) are just a few.
    • Some of the Guardian souls are this as well. Having a monster ally can have a lot of pay-offs, and can also feel pretty awesome. Particular shout-out goes to the Alura Une Soul, which is known as "Sweet Jail", and has Soma guarded by an affectionate Alura Une while she thrashes her plant tentacles at surrounding enemies, dealing a surprising ton of damage.
    • The Mandragora Soul is pretty spectacular too. Just chuck one at an enemy and watch it obliterate. Like the Alura Une Soul, it can dish out a substantial amount of damage, making it ideal for use against Menace.
  • The fact that, for once in the series, a bad ending unlocks a game mode, serving as a continuation of said ending.
  • The entire plot of both games entirely when the true ending is followed for both stories. Soma is revealed to be a reincarnation of Dracula, but makes full conscious effort to deny the darkness any hold over him. By the end of Aria, assuming you completed it with 100% Souls, he's become more confident in himself as a person despite knowing what he is, and by the end of Dawn, it's implied that he can lead a life of peace by his continuing to reject his status as Dracula.
    • Furthermore, recall how Mathias seems genuinely hurt in Lament of Innocence that Leon turns down ruling the world with him. His own best friend, and by this point, his very LAST friend, has rejected him and refused to stand by his side in his endeavors. Cue these games where everyone repeatedly stands by Soma, and only fight against him in Dawn during the Bad Ending out of genuine care for him. Lament remarks what a boring, lonely existence being a vampire is, yet Chronicles of Sorrow show Dracula as Soma finally finding a place to belong once more.
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  • The awesome boss fight against Julius Belmont. He believes he needs to kill Soma to stop Dracula from being resurrected, so what does he do? Well, he whips out the trademark Vampire Killer, he throws the classic cross subweapons, he... summons a Grand Cross powerful enough to pull you towards it and cause the background to partially crumble? And after you beat him, Soma says Julius was holding back meaning he's even stronger?? And the fight is set to a cross between Don't Wait Until Night and Heart of Fire?!? Holy shit!

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