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Awesome / Castlevania 64

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  • Henry's secret levels. Running through Dracula's castle with a six-shooter that devastates everything is so much fun.
  • After Rosa sacrifices her life to save Reinhardt, he makes sure Death knows it's about to get it's ass kicked and commences his Roaring Rampage of Revenge, which doesn't end until he's destroyed Death, Renon, Dracula's servant, Dracula and Dracula's real form.
  • The reveal that Malus is Dracula. In the bad endings, he gets away with nobody suspecting a thing, but in the good endings, Vincent is able to reveal the ruse after he pretends to have been possessed by Dracula to fool you.
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  • Speaking of which, the aforementioned event is one for Vincent too. He spends the game claiming he's the mightiest Vampire Hunter and oddly sleeping in the Castle, but when push comes to shove, just when your character's heartstrings are being pulled by the deceiving Dracula in Malus form, Vincent shows up to burn him in Holy Water flame and snap you out of it in time to kick Dracula's ass.


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