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  • For the 50th anniversary, British mail company Royal Mail celebrated by sticking many of the posters onto their mail stamps.
  • Being one of the first franchises in movie history to create parodies of popular movies.
    • Also, managing to break through the controversy and Hollywood's misunderstanding and threats of suing them, and still releasing the movies to a delighted audience. In some cases, making much more money than them at the British box office.
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  • In a way, the series was powerful and popular enough to launch many of the actors' careers. Juliet Mills (aka Sally in Carry On Jack) claimed in an interview that every actor in British media practically fought to appear in the movies, and the ones that were already in the movies got better publicity.
  • Even though you might not like the movies, they are still referenced and quoted.
  • Considering how popular the movies are, it's startling to know that the actors were poorly-paid and had to stick to tight movie budgets, proving that less is more.


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