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  • In ''Avengers Annual #10", Carol rips the Avengers a new one for their inaction during the "Marcus Kang" fiasco. She also punches Rogue (mid-Heel–Face Turn and in the process of surrendering to the X-Men) so hard that she nearly hits the Moon.
  • During the flashback in the Ascension storyline, long before she gets her powers, Carol's testing a Tony Stark made jet, gets shot down and lands behind enemy lines, getting a broken leg for her trouble. After Ghazi Rashid takes her and demands to know about something called Ascension, she responds with the classic 'name, rank, serial number', even after being stripped to her underwear and strapped in a wooden chair. She's then tortured with electricity for hours and doesn't break, despite Ghazi commenting that he's known men who have broken after minutes. Ultimately, she goads him into hitting her arm with a wooden sledge hammer, breaking it and the arm of the chair underneath, which she uses to open up his throat. Then, she breaks out, gets valuable intel, and kills a guard, with the sledge hammer, with a broken arm and a broken leg, before finding a safe house.
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  • Two moments from The Enemy Within. Firstly, after figuring out who it is who's messing with her life and realizing what he's planning, Carol declares, while currently suffering from a crippling brain tumour that becomes worse the more she uses her powers, that she's going to take him down, even if she has to drag herself there. In the final confrontation with Yon-Rogg, who reveals that his powers are connected to her and the only way to stop him is for her to die, she instead starts flying as far as she can, allowing herself to over-exert her powers and suffer a brain aneurysm. She temporarily dies and upon waking up loses all her memories, after also making a deal with a grumpy neighbour to leave the building if he helps thus making her now homeless, but she stopped him and saved New York.
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  • In #17 of the 2012-2013 series, a jealous (and possibly sociopathic) businesswoman named Grace Valentine has her planned magazine article bumped in favor of an inspirational piece about Carol. Grace retaliates by hacking into military drones and attacking Carol during a celebration in Times Square for her recent heroics, and she attempts to demoralize Carol during the chaos by calling her "an undisciplined, brain-damaged disaster". The entire city instead comes to Carol's side with a rallying cry of "I AM CAPTAIN MARVEL" which angers Grace as Carol soundly destroys the drones. The story concludes with a narration on how Captain Marvel is an inspiration to all... including an aspiring hero-to-be in Jersey City.
  • The following series, in the first arc, Carol has befriended a young alien named Tic who leads her to her native people, who are currently living on a formerly dead planet after their home planet was destroyed. However, the Spartax empire, lead by J'sonn (the father of Star-Lord), is trying to move them supposedly because of an illness that's spreading among the people, but actually because his empire is mining the planet for Vibranium. Knowing of his corruption, Carol takes on his entire armada, and then challenges him to attack an Avenger and the unarmed people she's protecting, as doing so would expose him for the corrupt ass he is to the Galactic empire that has opened up since the Builders attack. His forces retreat, and all because of her and a few civilian aliens.

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