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Throughout the campaign, as with any Role Playing Game, be it down to luck of the die, or skill of the player/G.M., cool and wonderful things can happen.

Unmarked spoilers abound past this point!


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  • Any time a Player Character gets a critical success. Highlights include:

    Season 1 

  • The Season Finale. All of it. An arc of such epic proportions and depth that it had to be spread across a record of four sessions, with an additional session to set the scene in context. Highlights of said Season Finale include:
    • Henderson and Sal reaching their personal limits with Hellings: Henderson tackles him to the ground, and Sal repeatedly punches him in the side of the head, fracturing the man's skull. If Carly and Theo hadn't have stopped them, they would have killed the Ace.
    • The fight with Vayne Lafleur, while possessing Aubry's body. But for details...
    Aubry-Possessed!Vayne: You won't survive this.
    Henderson: ...D-doesn't matter, as long as you don't either.
    • Sal pulling a successful distraction, so that Henderson can tackle her, in the most Sal way possible: he begins to serenade her with his guitar, before trying to hit her with it!
      • Despite having his mind and body taken over by a powerful witch, empowered by her possession of another Mage, Sal breaks free of the magical mental hold she has over him.
      • Natalie, not satisfied with trying to burn Aubry-Possessed!Vayne's face to try and stop her from saying spells, cleaves into her with a machete, almost taking her head off in a rage over all that the witch has done, is doing and is trying to do.
      • Arthur and Carly holding off the whisps, without the help from the Player Characters, who are too busy dealing with the threat at hand. They're buying the Player Characters time to kill Vayne, and ensuring that they aren't attacked by anything else. And Carly and Arthur succeed.

     Season-Bridging Roleplays 

    Season 2 

  • The fact that Hellings, having been left permanently scarred and physically impaired since the events of Season 1, managed to fight off an attacking Gargoyle. Granted, if the Player Characters hadn't arrived in time, he would've died from his injuries, but the fact that he managed to put up a fight at all, never mind fend off the Gargoyle, is a testament to how strong Matthew Hellings Sr. is. There's a reason he's the Ace of Clubs.
  • The reveal upon the P.C.s entering the Hedge for one mission that there are multiple G.M.s in the call, and they have been assigned Players to run solo sessions with, separately from the rest of the team.
    G.M. Cino-checker: Alright. G.M.s? Take your Players.
  • With a few bear traps and a sniper rifle, River Hathaway, the newest Player Character, in her Tutorial session no less, manages to bring the group the closest they've been to death against an enemy since the fight with Vayne in Season 1.
  • Towards the end of the season, the team are venturing through the Hedge, being chased by The Hook, a highly dangerous fae that gets more powerful the more afraid you are in its vicinity. Lemons singlehandedly steps up to ward it off by countering this aura with an intimidation roll of his own... and succeeds! Aisha rightly gives him a double promotion in rank on the spot.

    Season 3 

  • Upon going through the lighthouse searching for missing people, the P.C.s find a series of stones kept in a box in Aubry's room. Their purpose is unclear, until characters take a stone each and go to sleep, whereupon they are visited by the spirit of someone who they've been thinking about who is dead. As part of this, Theo (and Sal, through Lorable's influence on him) communes with Aubry, and she not only reveals much more of the big picture of what is happening in the town, including parts of the secrets that Arthur and Natalie have been dealing with, but also that the stones were part of her backup plan in case there was more to Vayne's plans. Which there were.
    • As a further part of this, Natalie communes with Vayne of all people. What follows is barbed but mutually respectful (in a way) conversation, from which Natalie gets more information about how to stop Finnegan and Infinity, and Vayne pulls in Theo to thwart Nat's plans to keep Infinity a continued secret to lessen the potential damage of her influence.
  • After being caught by Finnegan and Julia at the St. Bellings manor and Arthur is captured, Lemons is made to fight Julia, as part of Finnegan's plans. He refuses to fight altogether, and instead reminds her of the family she has left and the life she left behind, momentarily loosening Finnegan's influence over her and sparing both their lives for the moment.
  • The raiding of Finnegan's hideout:
    • With Lallo's help, the remaining Player Characters successfully kill waves of several mimics, one after the other. The combined sniping skills of River and Tomoe, as well as Henderson's grappling, score the team several multi-kills and gnarly mimic deaths.
    • Lemons once again manages to avoid fighting Julia altogether and trips her into the hole in the floor of the shack they're in, using her wild charges and momentum against her. In the process, he carries out a critically injured Arthur, while severely injured himself.
    • The entire team band together to finish off Finnegan once and for all:
      • First, after Henderson is grabbed through the hole by Finnegan, River shoots the wendigo's hand with a well-placed sniper round, allowing Henderson to counter-grapple him and hold him in place.
      • He then calls for Tomoe to dump the canister of flammable liquid the team brought over Finnegan and Lallo sets it alight.
      • An incoming Natalie and Theo head downstairs to retrieve the unconscious Julia, only to be blocked by the flames. After thinking up possible usages of Theo's changeling power to reach through the room's mirror or using their environment to create an improvised protective blanket for someone to rush in, Henderson's player suggests Theo using his power to reach through the pool of blood around Julia and Finnegan. Unfortunately, for either Natalie or Theo to know this would involve meta-gaming. It's then that the players remember that Natalie has the Feat Common Sense, which lets her player ask the G.M. any question, and the G.M. must answer it, albeit as vaguely as she wishes. This is used to ask the G.M. for Natalie to access the information she needs to know to suggest the idea, and Theo is able to accordingly reach through the blood and pull Julia away to safety.
      • Realising his potential defeat and death is near, Finnegan tries to persuade the team to keep him alive so he can tell them how to kill Infinity. Henderson has none of it.
    Finnegan: YOU DON'T KNOW HOW!
    Henderson: Maybe you should better tell us real fast then!
    • After Natalie fails her persuasion roll to try and get Finnegan to spill the beans on how to harm or kill Infinity before they kill him, Henderson is able to more blatantly hone in on Finnegan's motives of wanting to destroy Infinity at all costs. Upon this, Finnegan finally relents and gives them the location of his laboratory.
    • After this, the final blow is dealt by Natalie, who puts a bullet between his eyes, avenging Liz, as well as the hundreds if not thousands of others who suffered and died at Finnegan's hands.
    Natalie: This is for Liz, you fucking asshole!


  • Cino-checker, the group's G.M., makes all the token art for the characters and N.P.C.s herself, as well as certain background images. With only minimal help, she runs regularly and crafts not only an entire small town herself but also a vast array of memorable, varied and layered characters; both good and bad.
    • Furthermore, the Players either design and draw the characters themselves, or get other artists to draw tokens and character art for them.
  • Despite college, university, jobs, career changes, and all the various real-life obstacles that obstruct even short-term R.P.G. campaigns, the group have been meeting up (albeit with hiatuses) for over four years.
  • The-Land-Shark, Natalie's player, is the only group member in the U.K., meaning that all sessions have taken place at midnight at the earliest, and have run until past 8 am at the latest. He stays awake for all of it.


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