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Awesome / Candy Crush Saga

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  • When the game gives you a free item, it's something you should really keep in store. Some items you'll get include Candy Hammers, Candy Fish, Teeth, Coconut Wheels, and more.
  • As of March 26, 2013, Candy Crush Saga is giving away free boosters for a week because the site got a makeover. It was only available for a week, though.
    • Around Late November 2013, Candy Crush did something better. They offer a "Daily Booster Wheel" and give away a free booster. Usually it's a Lollipop Hammer or Jelly Fish, but those two items are still enough to turn the game around to your favor. Sometimes it takes the booster to respond though, but it can happen on both the iOS/Android and Facebook versions.
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  • The feeling when you win a tough level in the game... especially if it's a level like Level 350.
  • The potential for the Mystery Candy. It can give you some of the most powerful items... however, it could also give you items that could easily lead to your defeat.
  • Being lucky and realizing that you beat a very hard Candy Crush level that gave many people a hard time with fewer tries than expected.
  • Moves levels and Timed levels FINALLY being brought back after being absent for ages. Players rejoiced.

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