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Awesome / Canada's Worst Handyman

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  • Angie from Season 4 and Matt from Season 5 had both finished every single job they attempted by the end of their respective seasons, with all of them being done to an acceptable standard.
  • Jaime from Season 2 nearly had a Negated Moment of Awesome, as he built what was definitely the best of the five sheds in rehab, but made it far too tall to get it out of the warehouse. However, he managed to rescue the situation by cutting off the upper half of the shed, getting the two halves out separately, and then reattaching them outside, with only a few easily-fixable marks indicating what he'd had to do.
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  • While most of the group challenges inevitably turn out to be complete disasters, Cory from Season 5 managed to lead that group of handymen through a virtually flawless challenge in only the season's third episode.


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