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You can't kill Woods!
  • "Surprise", the official live-action trailer.
  • For a very brief moment, you get to control Menendez who pulls off a One-Man Army Becoming a Nicaraguan War God on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to save his sister Josefina. He fails.
  • The entire chase sequence at the end of Fallen Angel. You, as Section, attempt to escape from one of Menendez’ strongholds with your team by jeep after blowing your cover, leading to an epic race through Pakistan to get to the extraction point while dozens of Mercs follow you in high speed hot pursuit, with explosions, ramming and air time happening literally all the time, not to mention Harper screaming in your ear throughout the sequence. You even get to switch controls between Section and the friendly drone escorting you. Special mention goes to Salazar, who programmed an enemy drone to support you while your team was pinned down before the chase, as well as securing the vehicles needed to get to the evac point, besides the fact that this was a literal Black Operation, meaning they had absolutely NO support throughout the mission (except at the very beginning) and are deep within an enemy stronghold. In the words of Section:
    Section: You’re a miracle worker, Salazar!
    • Too bad Salazar betrays them in the end.
    • Just before the end of the chase sequence, there is a wall of flames that you are expected to avoid. Driving around the flames prevents Harper’s (who’s manning the MG on the jeep) face from being cooked. The achievement you get from it? Hey good looking!
  • In the ending David Mason gets to give Menendez an epic verbal beat down if he chooses to spare him instead of killing him on the spot. Menendez tries to act like he's still in control, and one of the U.S soldiers taking him in to custody wants to put a cover over his mouth to shut him up, but Mason says to let him talk, "He's just a sad old man talking to himself." For all the terrible things Menendez has done to Mason and his friends all he sees is a sad pathetic wreck of a man in front of him.
    • This becomes especially potent in the Golden Ending where every facet of Menendez's plan falls apart and he is forced to watch on live television the people responsible for ruining his plans while he rots away in a jail cell. Cruel Mercy at its finest.
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  • The bonus epilogue with Avenged Sevenfold, which is also a Funny Moment.
  • The F/A-38 sequence at the end of "Cordis Die"— sure, everyone saw it at E3, but actually doing it is still nothing short of awesome. It's even better if you still have Harper along, seeing as he points out how Section has never actually flown a fighter jet before just as he takes off. In spite of that fact, he still manages to single-handedly blow away scores of mercenaries and a whole squadron of drones, successfully saving the President before finally being forced to eject, after which Harper/Samuels proceeds to congratulate him for his bravery while also telling him what a crazy son of a bitch he is for trying it in the first place.
  • Killing DeFalco at the end of "Karma". No lame Quick Time Event this time- here, it's just a straight-up firefight. And it's awesome.
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  • At the end of the third mission, "Old Wounds," the CIA and the Mujaheddin perform a suicidal charge on horseback against a final wave of approaching Russian tanks (it's a shame that you can't fire your gun into the air while you do; that would have made it even more awesome), until your horse is shot out from under you and you have to roll out of the way just in time to avoid getting run over, then Woods charges up, grabs you, and brings you alongside the tank and gives you a mortar to destroy the tank. But that's not even the best part: as you try to do so, Kravchenko from the first Black Ops game comes out of the hatch and you get into a fist fight with him as the numbers start flashing in Mason's vision and you hear Reznov's voice saying "Kravchenko must die" before knocking him out and blowing up the tank. The music playing during all this, "Suicide Ride," just makes the whole thing better.
  • During the first part of "Phyrric Victory", if you stick close to Jonas Savimbi at certain points in the battle, you get to see him show off his skill with a machete against the MPLA soldiers. The highlight comes right after Hudson finishes the first airstrike, where Savimbi takes down three MPLA at once like they were nothing.
  • A villanous one for Menendez himself. He is the CoD villain who was the closest to beating the US and accomplish his goals. Hell, he still does depending on the ending you get.
    • Hell, just the fact that this campaign turned out somewhat decent for an FPS, especially compared to how its recent rivals turned out.
    • He wasn't just "close", Menendez actually had the US at his mercy, and hadn't he had different goals than previously thought, the nation would have been destroyed.
  • While Menendez is sitting with his badly scarred sister Josephina, his home is suddenly stormed by Panamanian soldiers. Menendez is restrained while one of the soldiers goes to see who is in the bed, and Menendez bluntly warns that he'll kill him if he so much as lays a finger on her. He wasn't kidding.
  • If you manage to get the Golden Ending, by not killing Mason, making sure Chloe lives and killing Harper, it goes on to show, in full detail, that Menendez gets a front row seat as he watches his plans crumble to dust. His followers don't revolt, America and China, the two leading superpowers of the globe, are now officially allies, and he has gone from the most feared terrorist threat, and cult leader, to nothing more than a throwaway joke on Jimmy Kemmel. It's the perfect revenge for all the wrongs he has done.
    • Not to mention a glitch that allows Harper and Farid to live, getting the Golden Ending with Harper alive. Beautiful!
  • The entire climax of "Pyrrhic Victory". After successfully sneaking past no less than a dozen Cuban soldiers, Mason reaches a radio station that he plans to use to call for evac, which Menendez is using to talk to Kravchenko. Mason puts his gun to the guy's head and tells him to change the frequency, only for Menendez to very calmly break the radio with his bare hand and start advancing on Mason. Just then, some Cuban soldiers walk in, forcing Mason to take Menendez hostage. The Cubans comply when he tells them to put down their weapons, but Menendez stays cool and collected and pulls the pin out of a grenade. Mason is pissed and tries to kill him, only for Menendez to overpower him with the makings of a Slasher Smile on his face; the only reason Mason survives is because Menendez tries to stab him and puts himself off-balance, allowing Mason to push him away and get a grazing shot at his eye. While this is going on, a couple of the Cubans have thrown themselves on top of the grenade in an attempt to contain the explosion. Then it's a mad dash by Mason and Hudson, carrying an injured Woods with them, back to the river where they started while they fight off the pursuing Cubans. To top it all off, when they finally get there, a Hind shows up and it seems they're about to be captured, only for the helicopter to open fire on the Cubans instead and for Savimbi to emerge from it. The injured, emaciated, and traumatized Woods gets the final kill of the level, much to the surprise of the others.
    Woods: You can't kill me...
  • To the surprise of many, the Wii U version finally got a piece of DLC almost two years after the launch of Black Ops 2 on various other platforms. That DLC is Nuketown 2025 for multiplayer! Most people expected Treyarch to have abandoned Black Ops 2 to focus not only on Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U, but their next Call of Duty slated for 2015.
  • Cordis Die (as offhandedly mentioned in the intro for Mission 2) managing to trigger mass protests in North Korea. Yes, Cordis Die is so powerful they caused an uprising in one of the world's most isolated, repressive dictatorships that's basically a real-life Oceania.
  • The complete nonchalance of Chloe when Menendez's Celerium WORM attack.
    Chloe: It's all over the country. No, it's all over the world.
    Kurtz: Get me the President!
    Chloe: Chill out, jerkoff, I've got it.
  • And then she trashtalks Menendez on Live TV.
    Jimmy Kemmel: It must be a great day to be you?
    Chloe: Yeah, and it's a bad fucking day to be Raul Menendez.
  • Sad as the death is, Harper took it like a badass. Instead of begging for mercy, he shouts for Farid to do it egghead!, and mocking Menendez for not having the balls to do it himself. What a trooper.
  • Just the fact you get to play as Woods, even though it's only for a single mission with a Tear Jerker ending, and an even worse possible ending depending on your decision in the end of the mission.


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