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  • Sasha's dance to They Might Be Giants' "Istanbul not Constantinople" at the end of "Movie Truck". Even if it was a Dream Sequence.
  • Especially considering they put it together in about two hours the students memorial dance for Hubbel. Also counts as a CMOH
  • Jordan may be an egotistical jerk, but man, he can dance!
  • Sasha's reaming out of the cheerleaders.
  • Melanie just reaching out in passing, grabbing the hair of her brother's ex and slinging her to the ground. Also counts as a CMOH because it shows she actually does care about him even if she'll never admit it.
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  • Boo's verbal smackdown of Jordan. Also counts as a CMOF
  • Ginny taking Cosette and Frankie down a notch.
  • Cosette and Matisse dancing in the crowded studio using the furniture as props.

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