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  • Any time the Bullet Club busts out a huge sequence of team finishing moves.
  • August 2016 was a collective moment for both members and alumni of Bullet Club. The short version? Bullet Club has just begun to take over the wrestling world. The long story? Have fun below:
    1. 8/13, Kenny Omega completed his victory in the G1 Climax tournament to become its first non-Japanese winner.
    2. 8/19, Adam Cole completed his conquest of Jay Lethal by defeating the man for the ROH World Championship at Death Before Dishonor XIV.
    3. 8/21, AJ Styles and Finn Bálor shared a scene for the first time at WWE's SummerSlam alongside Anderson and Gallows. Following this, not only did Styles defeat John Cena by pinfall in the middle of the ring, Bálor went on to pin Seth Rollins to become the first ever WWE Universal Champion.note 

      And unlike the usual fare for Bullet Club, every single one of these victories — from the centerpiece of The Elite taking the G1 Climax to the main focus of the group's ROH ops leaving Jay Lethal naked of gold for the first time in over 2¼ years to the original heart and soul of TNA defeating the face that runs the place in WWE to the newest top-ranking face on the main roster riding a hot streak of a lifetime to become the inaugural winner of Raw's new world title — were all achieved through 100% clean wins. Three different top companies — the top Japanese company, the top American indie company, and THE top company — all saw fit to give the Bullet Club's past and present central stars massive achievements with no asterisks attached all within eight days max of each other. If that isn't a giant marker of the influence of the stable's success as well as the incredible top talent that's been associated with it throughout the years, then what is? As even Kenny the Cleaner himself noted:
      @KennyOmegamanX: There's a lot of great #BulletClub stuff going on all over the place.
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  • September only continues the fun:
    1. 9/11, AJ Styles has beaten Dean Ambrose at Backlash 2016 for the WWE World Championship.
    2. 9/30, The Young Bucks defeated The Addiction and The Motor City Machine Guns in Ladder War VI to bring the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships to Bullet Club, making them triple champions (as of this writing they also hold the PWG World Tag Team Championships and the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championships).
  • October keeps things rolling:
    1. 10/10, The Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) defeat the Briscoe Brothers for the IWGP Tag Team Championship at NJPW's King of Pro Wrestling, giving the Bullet Club FOUR sets of tag team titles.
  • January 2017:
    1. 1/3, as part of NJPW's promotional collaboration with Tekken 7, it was announced that every single character would have an alternate outfit with a Bullet Club shirt. That's right — the entire lineup of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 7 is representing the Bullet Club. Talk about a takeover.
    2. 1/4, Wrestle Kingdom 11 saw Adam Cole defeat Kyle O'Reilly to take back the ROH World Championship, making him the first three-time ROH Champion as well as the only person to win the title at a non-ROH event. Also, Cody Rhodes made his successful Bullet Club debut with a victory over Juice Robinson. Lastly, while Kenny Omega lost his main event match against Kazuchika Okada for Okada's IWGP Heavyweight Championship, the match itself was so widely acclaimed that it created a buzz around NJPW that reached the ears of American casual fans and even commanded some of WWE's attention.
    3. Through the rest of the month between Wrestle Kingdom 11 and WWE's Royal Rumble 2017, a devastated Omega declared himself a "free agent" and announced that he was taking time off and weighing his future options. During this time, word quickly came out that WWE wanted to try and top the Omega vs. Okada match at WrestleMania 33, and speculation abounded that Omega might be considering an offer from WWE to the point that Seth Rollins felt comfortable stating in a WWE web video segment that he'd like to see Omega at the Royal Rumblenote .
    4. 1/29, in a Royal Rumble pre-show match, Anderson and Gallows defeated The Bar for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. In the time between that match and AJ Styles' loss to John Cena in another classic performance, all three members of The Club were champions. Furthmore, counting Finn Bálor's relinquishing of the Universal title due to injury, all four held championships during their last WWE product appearances to date at that time.
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  • Just the fact that going through 2016 into the start of 2017, the two main contenders cited in the never-ending debate about who is the best wrestler in the world happen to be Kenny Omega and AJ Styles. It really speaks the legacy of talent that the Bullet Club has accrued over the years as well as the excellence of both men.
  • Finn Bálor's cringeworthy "feud" with Bray Wyatt on the Raw brand in 2017 was set to conclude at Tables, Ladders & Chairs on October 22 with Bray's desperate third attempt to beat Finn being a match involving an orange pumpkin-like incarnation of the Demon King and Bray being "possessed" by the female spirit Sister Abigail, complete with D-movie special effects. But then Bray and his real-life brother Bo Dallas, among others, contracted viral meningitis the week heading into TLC. So how does Bálor's sudden lack of an opponent get solved? SmackDown superstar AJ Styles gets flown in from WWE's tour of South America to Minneapolis to face Finn at the pay-per-view. Cue massive fangasm from BC fans and relieved wrestling fans alike.
    • Despite Styles literally traveling most of the day before the show, the match itself was an instant classic that many started calling the main roster's best match of the year. Remember, the entire match was essentially improvised. Styles was defeated by Bálor via Coup de Grace, but in the aftermath the two men faced each other down in the middle of the ring, then shook hands…and promptly linked wolf hands before Styles gave Bálor the ring.
    • Thanks to the Frivolous Lawsuit scenario involving WWE stopping The Young Bucks from using "Too Sweet" in response to Being the Elite's parody of the D-Generation X Invasion of WCW, the entire show crew (but not the rest of the Bullet Club) adopting the "one-sweet" (pinkie finger down) in protest as well as trading shots back and forth with Roman Reigns, fans of the Elite were concerned that Vince McMahon had called for AJ and Finn's recognition moment as a shot at the Bucks and the Elite. One person jokingly playing up those complaints received this reply from the Phenomenal One:
    @AJStylesOrg: Just so you know Luis. Vince had nothing to do with the 2 sweet between Finn and I. In fact, I say it was two men showing the world that we haven't forgotten where we came from. Forever we will love our BC brothers.
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  • On the first day and RAW of 2018, WWE fans got a long awaited treat: Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson reuniting for a six man tag match, and everyone had big goofy smiles. Hell, even Michael Cole and Corey Graves sold them as "forming one of the most devastating factions in sports entertainment" and sounded downright giddy doing it, although they couldn't say the name of said faction for obvious reasons.
  • At Wrestle Kingdom 13 on January 4, 2019, new appointed leader Jay White successfully ushered in the CutThroat Era by becoming the first Bullet Club member (and only the second overall wrestler since 2012) to defeat Kazuchika Okada at the annual Tokyo Dome show.
  • New Beginning in Osaka 2019: One month after defeating Okada at Wrestle Kingdom, Jay White defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi clean, returning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship to the Bullet Club.
  • As of 2019, Bullet Club has had a continuous six-year run across multiple promotions on both sides of the Pacific. The nWo made it six years total and only in North America. D-Generation X had multiple splits and reformations but not for six continuous years. Even CHAOS and Suzuki-gun, the two long-running current NJPW stables that are older than Bullet Club, are recognized almost exclusively for their exploits in Japan.
  • On July 29, 2019, just about a month into their rekindled "OC" run with AJ Styles, Anderson and Gallows recaptured the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship by defeating The Revival and The Usos in a triple threat tag match. Combine that with El Phantasmo and Taiji Ishimori being IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Champs and G.o.D being IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions at the same time back in NJPW, all three primary tag teams involving Bullet Club and its spinoff chapter are holding championship gold into the end of the summer.

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