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  • Sve practically curb-stomping Wiremu the second he threatens Finni.
  • Amer vs. Vahn, the first time around. Amer has a needle. Vahn has a pickaxe. Amer wins.
  • YMMV, but a half-asleep Gries taking out a Career was pretty impressive. Slightly nullified by the fact that said Career was the pack's Token Good Teammate.
  • Again, YMMV, but Sve and Natalya choosing to Face Death with Dignity as a final Take That! to the Capitol surely deserves a mention.
  • Amer and Igris kicking the Careers' behinds together and forcing them to flee on pain of death.
  • Highly YMMV, like most of these, but there's something that has to be said for the way Igris and Amer end the Games. The courage, maturity, and selflessness demonstrated by both boys in their final chapter is truly awesome. Whereas many other Hunger Games—including Journey's other stories—inevitably ended in battles to the death, the final two competitors here manage to go out as friends, without a trace of bitterness or animosity. It manages to be tear-jerking, heartwarming and awesome all at once.



  • Bell managing to kick Sheen to the ground with one hand impaled to a tree, rip out the sword that’s pinning her there, and escape near-certain death. Sure, she dies the next night, but that still took guts.
  • Osso pinning Ilber to the ground in less than a second when the latter challenges his authority.
  • Fragile little Tina suddenly taking a level in badass and killing Den with his own weapon, completely out of the blue.
  • Magya bursting in just in time to save Osso from Ilber - and doing a mighty fine job of it.
  • Mr. Puffin ripping out Ilber's throat.
  • Osso launching a cleaver straight into Norge's back while he was pumping out half of his blood, one-armed, and very, very injured.
  • Shiran, exhausted and badly wounded, mustering the determination to stand up in what he thinks are his final moments so as to Face Death with Dignity.


  • Shaye kicking her ex-boyfriend’s butt when he tries to forcibly kiss her after the reapings.
  • Romania escaping from Rica at the bloodbath using nothing but her own teeth as a weapon.
  • Also at the bloodbath, Ermine literally picking up Yao and flinging him away to stop him from pursuing her friends. That girl has guts!
  • Although she loses her brawl against Turk, Romania still puts up enough of a fight for him to let her into his alliance – all with a sprained knee!
  • Ermine defeating five armed Careers with nothing but her fists in the defense of her allies.
  • For a villainous example, Cisca using a combination of manipulation and good looks to twist basically everyone else in the pack around her pinky, then subtly coercing them into a fight that kills off nearly all the major competition and leaves her one of only two (and eventually the only) remaining Careers. She may be a non-action girl, but she’s no pushover psychologically.
  • Holland unleashing the power of a blocked-up lake to send the Career pack running.
  • Nada, of all people, and Holland working together to take down a ferocious bear muttation. Right when it seems Holland is toast, Nada appears and slashes the creature across its weak point. This distracts it long enough for Holland to jam a sword up its eye and kill it.


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