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  • "99 Biker Friends." Basically, the singer and his 99 biker friends all kick a domestic abuser's ass. Anyone who's ever had a friend in an abusive relationship has dreamed of doing something like that.
    • They also contemplate bringing in Bruce Lee (but he's not here), Chuck Norris (who they wonder if he's still alive), The A-Team, and a couple of prison guards to help.
  • Video for High School Never Ends, a couple of guys who were picked on by the rest of the school return for the reunion, then seek out and humiliate their former tormentors via methods they used on them. They give an atomic wedgie to the guy who hung them from a flag pole, puke over the Alpha Bitch that gave them laxatives, invite the guy who pantsed him in front of a girl up on stage, then do the same in front of his girlfriend and the crowd, and stick the 'Punch' sign onto the back of the guy who put a 'kick me' sign on them. In short, nerds get payback of epic proportions.
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  • Awesome Music: A Really Cool Dance Song. Yes, they outright state in the song that it's a case of Money, Dear Boy, but how can you not want to dance every time you hear it?

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