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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

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  • The official trailer, which was the No. 2 trending video on Youtube merely a day after release. Let's break it down:
    • The video is cut by former Gearbox staffer and voice of Scooter Mikey Neumann, and short of a "muffled catawampus" absolutely basks in his style.
    • The very first shot we get is of the Calypso twins calmly swaggering their way forward, with their army of bandits behind them. Then, we see Lilith for the first time in years.
      • On top of this, the implication that the Calypso twins' cult has done what no bandit clan has managed so far and gather the majority of the bandits on Pandora into a unified fighting force. Considering that bandits make up most of Pandora's population, this is a serious achievement.
    • The Team Power Walk of the newest generation of Vault Hunters reveals our latest heroes in full. Then there's the reveals of their abilities throughout the trailer:
      • Zane stands alongside his Digi-Clone.
      • Moze digistructs Iron Bear while sitting on it, and then we see it carrying her comrades into battle.
      • Amara pounds her chest before revealing that she can summon six glowing blue arms with her powers, then they grow into huge fists as she roars a battle cry. A brief shot has her Phasegrasping an enemy with one of said giant arms.
      • FL4K twirls their melee weapon while their 'pets' shift behind them.
    • The new vehicles, including what appears to be a technical that hovers and a giant monowheel.
    • The countless gorgeous landscapes, most prominently the Maliwan-controlled futuristic city. We're definitely not on Pandora anymore...
    • Among the baddies we see are a huge skag that looks like a dinosaur and breathes fire, a creature with bones covering its outer hide that can change elemental abilities and the Maliwan army!
    • The Wham Shot of Lilith, without any tattoos, desperately crawling towards a dropped Vault Key while the twins are in the background, Tyreen examining Troy's red tattoos. If the twins didn't seem like a big threat before, they sure as hell are now.
    • The return of our oldest friends. Maya is seen twice with long hair, fist-bumping a young blue-haired child the first time while mouthing "Boom" (a Call-Back to the launch trailer for Borderlands 2). An adult Tiny Tina is dancing with her plush bunny while Brick - who now has a bandana - and Mordecai stand behind her. We see Ellie, the Hammerlocks and a mysterious individual, Claptrap stuck to a giant magnet, Rhys with a mustache, surrounded by Zer0 and what appear to be newly armored Crimson Raiders, Tannis, Marcus and Moxxi.
    • There will be one billion guns in the game. Aside from the usual cast, we seem to have Eridian weapons, pump-action shotguns, grenade launchers, cannons, lever-action rifles, usable flamethrowers and a literal walking Tediore submachine gun. Lasers have also finally reached Pandora!
    • All of this is set to the very fitting Can't Hold Me Down by GriZ and Tash Neal of the London Souls.
  • The announce trailer has plenty too:
    • Amara phase-shoving a Psycho away from her, sending him flying. The next shot has her doing a backflip across the hood of a new vehicle to enter its turret. We also get to see her ground pound, which involves all six of her arms smashing the ground.
    • Moze getting inside her Iron Bear mech and its guns spinning up. Later we get a badass clip of her walking away from Iron Bear as it explodes.
    • Zane deploying his SNTNL drone.
    • We get a pretty awesome shot of the four Vault Hunters preparing for asskicking. Special notice goes to Zane's combat slide and Amara making a projection of herself with her Siren powers.
    • A gorgeous stained glass window that shows the Calypso Twins appears, made by the Cult. Even though they're living on a Death World, the bandits can do some pretty amazing artwork.
  • In a gameplay demo/trailer, the beginning of the game was used to show off new mechanics.
    • The first gun you get compared to previous games. A white grade pistol usually is just a Boring, but Practical peashooter that fires bullets, nothing more. Now? The first gun has Zip-rockets, tiny rockets fired in rapid succession. Every manufacturer now has a unique trait - some even have multiple - compared to simpler gimmicks of previous games:
      • COV - replacing Bandit/Scav - eliminates reload by pulling ammo directly from your inventory instead of just a big mag and long reload.
      • Jakobs now do something on critical hit (most commonly ricochet to another enemy) instead of just having high raw damage.
      • Hyperion weapons have a forward shield in addition to the original "accuracy increases as you fire".
      • Maliwan now swap between 2 elements instead of just one with high elemental chance, as well as having a charge time and - depending on the weapon type - function differently (shotguns are more shockwave guns, most weapons fire energy of some sort, some weapons function as lasers).
      • Torgue fires explosive gyro-jets that can stick on targets and explode on reload to deal more damage (barring a few exceptions), in addition to the original explode on impact.
      • Dahl now manually swap between firing modes instead of switching to burst on aim.
      • Vladolf has a second weapon underbarrel or extra function, in addition to their previous gimmick of high rate of fire.
      • Atlas, a new weapon manufacturer, fire tracking smart bullets that home in on painted targets.
    • The fight with the first mini-boss, a Badass Psycho named Shiv, is pretty cool, but the way he's defeated is by Amara punching a barrel (which in previous games used to be immovable explosives) at him and blowing it up in his face.
    • After freeing Claptrap, he sends a signal to Lilith... and her entrance is a sight to behold: a flaming portal opens up in the sky, and Lilith flies out of it and slams into the ground. She stands up, and we get a beautiful Call-Back that fans will instantly recognize, along with an all-new title card:
      Lilith: 'Sup.
      Lilith: Commander of the Crimson Raiders
    • The battle through the Holy Broadcast Center, if only for its implications. New guns that still retain the feel of old times, improvements to co-op, the beautified combat... if there was anything to say "Borderlands is back", this is it.
  • FL4K's character trailer, where not only do we get to hear their voice for the first time, we're also introduced to a badass, nigh-unstoppable hunter of the most dangerous game.
  • Some of the new weapons for the game include the Burger Cannon which shoots burgers and the Gungun which shoots out guns for you and your fellow players.
    • With the game out, it turns out the Gungun is actually something you get in the main questline, meaning you will get it, although it is late-game. However, it doesn't actually take up space in your inventory, so you basically have a personal weapon vending machine.
    • The recent patch gave it an alt-fire mode which fire blue and purple weapons with flavor texts and an increased change to fire a legendary weapon.

    Main Game 
  • The second cutscene (not Marcus's voiceover/exposition), we meet the new vault hunters. With the choice of 3 different abilities instead of 1 (or in Moze's case 3 choices for her 1 ability, her ability is Iron Bear but she can equip 2 of 3 weapons), Borderlands needed to show them off. And show them off they did. Set to The Heavy's "On the Line", the four vault hunters crash a COV's little victory party, showing off FL4K's pets and Rakk Attack!, Zane's digi-clone, barrier, and drone, Moze's Iron Bear with a flamethrower, and Amara's Phase-grasp and Phase-slam. The characters barely have 2 minutes on screen to make an impression, but it's pretty clear they're badass. Highlights include:
    • FL4K's Skag using a Tink to kill 2 COV.
    • Moze's Iron Bear punching a large mook, sending them flying.
    • Amara dodging a bullet and Phase-grasping the shooter in one fluid movement. And before this, opting to punch a bandit in a middle of a gun fight.
    • Zane using his clone to trick enemies into fighting it, when one of the mooks gets a hit in they discover Zane is on the other side of the bar, shooting with one hand, drinking with the other.
    • Amara Phase-slamming 3 vehicles, sending them flying overhead, letting the rest of them shoot and Moze (still in Iron Bear) rocket them to flaming bits.
    • FL4K sending their Jabber and Rakk Attack to yank out the driver and gunner of a 4th vehicle.
    • Zane using his drone to fly under the final vehicle, dropping a grenade, to which he blasts a finger gun, mouthing "boom" as it explodes.
  • On the way to the first Vault, you drive the Project DD Technical. Nothing fancy about the car itself, other than its paint job, but Maya hitches a ride and tunes into some nice rock music as she grabs and throws any giant mines you come across.
  • The return of Legendary weapons like Infinity, Maggie, Sawbar, Baby Maker, Butcher, Storm, Gunerang, Bitch, Devastator, Bearcat, Conference Call, and Sledge's Shotgun. Plus brand new Legendaries like a Torgue laser. The Shredifier returns as well, now having dual barrels for extra dakka and rechristened as the Super Shredifier.
  • Wainwright Jakobs saving the Vault Hunters from Troy then chasing him out of his family's manor, all while unleashing some sick burns that leave the usually smug Troy speechless. You know Troy isn't messing around as the manor shakes while he fruitlessly tries to catch Wainwright.
    Wainwright: Say, rat-boy! Aren't you the one who has to suck at your sister's teat for sustenance?
    Troy: (flustered) Rgh... Die in a gutter!
    • It's easy to forget two details about this encounter: 1) Wainwright is a shortsighted old man facing someone with basically godlike powers and 2) he's no Vault Hunter, he doesn't have any fancy tricks up his sleeve. Yet he manages to royally piss off and elude Troy Calypso using only his sharp tongue, home field advantage and wits (and his trusty shotgun).
  • The boss battle against Aurelia Hammerlock. She uses some of her old moves she had in Pre-Sequel and then some. You truly feel what is to be up against a former Vault Hunter when you fight her.
  • BALEX navigating his new mecha-body straight into GenIVIV's invincible shield to destroy it.
    GenIVIV: Balex, you don't solve problems. That's my job. You're just my chauffeur.
    BALEX: What I'm solving are the anti-collision safeguards. Which I just turned off. Navigated, BITCHES! (impact)
    GenIVIV: Aw crap...
    • When GenIVIV shows up again and hijacks Sanctuary III, BALEX wastes no time isolating her to a hard drive and suggests she gets installed into a toilet. Marcus immediately offers his aid.
  • An NPC named Chadd performing stunts that even the Vault Hunter is wary of like fighting dinosaurs while covered in guts, base-jumping without a parachute and riding a rocket-powered elevator.
  • The Honeywells are an old couple who live a simple life filled with science. You'll eventually help them awaken "Bessie", a very big bandit-killing turret.
  • Of all the dead Claptraps, one managed to avoid an embarrassing or dismantling death, having spent its last moments inside a "porn cave" it built.
  • The reveal that Carnivora, a bandit themed traveling carnival, is a 20 thousand ton building-sized tank. That you then chase by car. And bring to a stop. And fight your way through.
  • An ECHO on Promethea reveals that the Holloway family are still trying to kill Gaige after Marcy’s death at the hands of Deathtrap, seven years later. What makes this awesome is that in spite of having an entire corporation at their backs, the operative word here is 'trying'. Anarchy 1, System 0!
  • Katagawa spends most of Skywell 27 blowing up Rhys' favorite stuff with a Kill Sat and gloating about his space yacht, the Zanara. So it's super satisfying to see Rhys use that same laser to blow the Zanara out of the sky.
  • The Final Boss is not only against the Destroyer, the final boss of the first game, but also against Tyreen, who has fused with it to become mobile... And you can take it down in seconds. Not bad against someone who always claimed she was a god.
    • Taking down Troy is equally cathartic, especially if you're playing as Amara. Taking him down with a Jakobs shotgun? Even better!
    Amara: That was for Maya...
    Moze: Maya. Avenged.
    FL4K: Maya has been avenged.
    Zane: That was for Maya! Ya Langer!
  • One of the first logs you may find of Typhon the first Vault Hunter may be about how he jumped into a giant monster's mouths to escape it.
  • A villainous example: Troy manages to phaselock Elpis, an entire moon, while boosted with Eridium. And after the Vault Hunters destroy his connection to said Eridium he drains his sister to finish the job.
  • While it comes at the cost of a beloved character, Troy discovering his true potential. Until then, everyone, including himself, considered him useless and a parasite just because he was born a male Siren. So, Maya took him hostage to save Ava. However, he managed to show he is a credible threat by attempting to save himself and obliterating her. Afterwards, his new power gets to his head. He might earn hate for this, but certainly no more pity.

Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot
  • The last person who called Handsome Jack the wrong name was strangulated and was the reason he became Hyperion's President. Ember has no fear of dying when Jacque confronts her for burning some of his employees.
  • A good heist movie always has a montage of parts of the plan. And when Timothy goes over that plan, you get to play the montage!
  • The casino is heading for a black hole with the override requiring the "magic hand" and Timothy locked in a laser cage that can't be released during the protocol. The fact that Timothy would purposely cut off his own hand with the laser cage is a big hero moment for him and one final finger to Jack's legacy.

Guns, Love, and Tentacles

  • The return of Gaige and her BFF, "Deathtrap"!
  • Deathtrap gets a upgrade that lets him practically one-shot most enemies. You can see why the Holloway clan tried and failed to replicate him as most of their crime buster bots are sad, shoddy, sorry-ass knockoffs.
  • Claptrap clears his quest, proof that he's a Vault Hunter even without VaultHunter.exe.
  • One wouldn't expect, in a setting with as many Sad Clowns as Borderlands, that Gearbox would go through with an actual wedding. You'd be wrong. It's in the corpse of an Eldritch Abomination instead of a church, but Hammerlock and Wainwright actually get married! #LovePrevails, indeed! And instead of a normal ring, Wainwright decides to use the freshly uncursed ring that got them into the mess in the first place!
  • Despite having a case of pre-wedding jitters, worrying that he's not adventurous enough for a guy like Hammerlock, Wainwright's first reaction upon seeing cultists preparing to throw people into a pit for a to draw his shotgun and demand they release their captives. Cue him fighting side by side with you as you engage the cultists!

Bounty of Blood

  • The birth of the Ruiner; A.K.A the bomb scene. A villainous moment for Butcher Rose where she manages set off the bomb before the Vault Hunter could stop her, and the resulting explosion is a visual spectacle. As soon as the Vault Hunter reaches outside, the screen flashes white revealing a bright, massive mushroom cloud in the distance with fireballs of Core flying through the air like fireworks before the impact of the explosion literally blows into their faces, coloring the sky green. The Liar says it best.
    The Liar: The Sky was split open. A wound like Gehenna hadn't felt in generations. Ruin was here.
  • The Quartermaster fight pits you against their version of the Iron Bear.
  • The Unkempt Harold is back. For those new to the series, a Torgue pistol that shoots multiple bullets that split into more bullets. Which of course explodes.

Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck

  • Tannis, probably. She did send you into someone's mind and can download people into cards.
  • Apparently, Castle Crimson, a CoV outpost, was one of Krieg's solo missions.
    • To specify, he used the CoV's own weapons against them, and has you use catapults to bust the gates open.
    • And It takes several tries to actually get them open. Even a using massive sleeping Toxic Goliath with dynamite stuck in it's mouth as the catapult's payload mouth didn't work. Psycho Krieg's solution? Shooting the freaking moon out of the sky and using it as the new payload. And it worked!
    • There aren't any fancy steps to getting the moon down either. You literally just shoot at it and watch it crash into the ground.
    Moze: Take THAT, you sky bastard!
  • When rescuing Maya, she simply blasts the prison off her and asks what took them so long, causing Krieg to say she dropped her book. She also aids the VH fighting Locomöbius the train, by phaselocking it in midair for them to shoot.
  • One for Psycho Krieg as he hosts a tea party, slaughtering his guests into a ramp. Judging from the dialogue after and the fact that other aspects of Krieg exist, you may have witnesses a memory rather than their current selves.
  • Helping the Kriegs kill Dr. Benedict as well as the Caretaker in a side mission not only heals them, but finally (at least for now) closes the chapter of Hyperion under Handsome Jack's tenure.
  • Psycho and Sane Kriegs teaming up to restrain the Psychoreaver, the manifestation of rage.
    Sane Krieg: We won't let you win, you bastard!