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Moment pages are Spoilers Off by default, so all spoilers have been removed and all entries folderized. Proceed with caution. You Have Been Warned.

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    Main game 
  • Defeating Mad Mac without riding a vehicle. You're going against one of the hardest and harshest early game bosses, which is riding a rocket-launching vehicle.
  • Tannis on the final mission when you're off to kill Steele, right after you freed her and restored Pandora's communications network.
    Patricia Tannis: Hey, for me, take that bitch down.
  • Defeating the Destroyer. Sure, the loot is absolute shit, but, you just killed the Eldritch Abomination THAT WIPED OUT THE ERIDIANS.

    The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned 
  • Every time you headshot a Zombie, their brains go out. Zombie T.K. Baha has a series of missions which involve collecting them.
  • Defeating Ned the first time doesn't really count, but the second time as Undead Ned does, as he's quite the Damage-Sponge Boss.

    Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot 
  • Cleaning up any of the challenges, even the most difficult ones, on your own, as you will be attacked from all sides. The fact that several of the games's previous bosses and sub-bosses return (such as Baron Flynt's lackeys Hanz and Franz) doesn't hurt.
  • The fact that the Crimson Lance is participating as mooks in Moxxi's tournament.
  • The eventual canonical winner of the whole tournament? Mordecai, who also gets Moxxi herself for some time.

    The Secret Armory of General Knoxx 
  • After finishing the "Wanted: Dead!" mission, you need to go to a Crimson Lance outpost to collect your reward. The location is a bunch of wanted posters of the Vault Hunters. Upon turning in, the four Vault Hunters leave a note behind.
  • The entire ending at the Crimson Armory. You reach the armory, looting as many weapons as you can. Then the countdown ends, and BOOM! You watch the entire place explode in what is arguably the most awesome cutscene in the entire goddamn series. The best part? You survive the explosion, by being respawned into the nearest New-U station.
    • Let's talk about the Armory itself because it deserves it. It's a GIGANTIC, four-tier area, filled to the brim with red and white crates, and the biggest chance to get Legendary-tier and Eridian weaponry. The game gives you four missions where you have up to three minutes to raid it, but by way of a glitch, it's possible to raid the armory and pick up whatever you want without being bothered by the time. The glitch is also present in the Enhanced version, which shows that for Gearbox Software this isn't a glitch, but a feature.
  • The "Circle of Duty" levels, unlocked after finishing the DLC's main storyline, which are the Crimson Lance's way of recognizing your superiority by actually wanting you to be part of their ranks. It also goes the other way around, as after you prove your worth, they turn your offer down because you killed their leader and a big bunch of their squads. Quite the trolling.
  • Crawmerax solo. You're going up against one of the biggest, baddest things to be found on Pandora at the moment, easily able to slam you to within an inch of your life when you're at your strongest, easily able to demolish entire towns with no effort; as well as his lackeys, which, while not the size of the White House, are still stronger than basically anything else in the game save Crawmerax himself. Then you, with either your turret as a shrewd distraction, your pet as a debilitator, your ability to step in and out of the human dimensions for a short period of time and completely heal any wounds you might have taken, or just through violent application of your BARE GODDAMN HANDS, take this beast down completely on your own and collect enough wealth to make the legend of the Vault seem like peanuts. It's pretty amazing.

    Claptrap's New Robot Revolution 
  • The fact that every major Big Bad in the past, sans the Destroyer, is back.
    • The first of the bosses? Knoxx-Trap, who is as dangerous as he was back in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx (Powered Armor included), but still a pain to fight against.
    • Finally getting to fight against Steele. A trapized, powerless Steele, but you get to crush her, nonetheless.
    • You not only fight Ned-Trap. Near the end you also get to fight Undead Ned-Trap, which is still a very hard fight.
  • And where does the final fight takes place? At the Arid Badlands, in the very first area of the main game, against the very entity that welcomed you to Pandora in the first place.
  • After all is said and done, Blake, Hyperion's representant on Pandora, has one more gift for you: an entry to Hyperion's Gift Shop, next to the building he's in. At first glance it's nothing out of the ordinary, but the real fun comes after pressing a secret button. Then a basement entrance opens, and you end up into a room with 18 weapon crates and three vending machines, for weapons, ammo, and meds. And unlike Knoxx's gargantuan armory, which needs one of four specific missions to be activated and not completed, this basement can be raided anytime, anywhere, without any other requirements.