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Awesome / Book 5: Legends

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  • An Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but it’s said that even Kuvira’s Earth Empire was never able to fully subjugate Kyoshi Island because of the Kyoshi Warriors who lived there, particularly Jasmine, who was head of the Kyoshi Warriors at the time.
  • Bolin lays waste to a small horde of walking dead, using the Kyoshi Warriors to herd them together then getting clear before he demonstrates just why going up against a lavabender is so very bad for your continued existence.
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  • Tahno shows he’s still got the moves after four years off the Pro-Bending circuit, and effortlessly takes down three bandits without breaking a sweat.
  • Asked the simultaneous questions of ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Why are you helping?’ Korra manages to sum up her answer in one phrase that lets them know everything is going to be fine: ‘I’m the Avatar.’
  • Korra and her Krew deserve mention for taking the offensive against the enemy at one point, and setting up a trap on Air Temple Island that quickly sees the masked figure overwhelmed by sheer numbers and power.
  • Which quickly becomes an awesome moment for the villains as well, as they play Team Avatar right into their hands with a Shell Game that distracts them from their real objective: the final element.
  • Too many instances to count during the Republic Rim battle.
    • Special mention has to go, however, to Opal inventing a new airbending technique on the fly, the various Beifong’s kicking ass across the city, and even Amon’s old Lieutenant showing up to kick some ass. And all of that still pales to Mako and Bolin tag-teaming their opponent like it’s the most important Pro-Bending match of their lives... and showing them who the real Pros are.
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    • Bending an actual bolt of lightning, Korra redirecting it in her Finishing Move to end the fight.
    • And then proceeds to use an energybending move to knock the stolen energies out of Temuji’s body and returning them to their proper owners.


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